Where are the pumpers?

Doing a little show of hands here: where are the pumpers of Tu Diabetes>

Please state:
-Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 515.
-Since when you’ve been pumping: mid-2005
-Overall experience: I cannot imagine not using it.
-Would you recommend it to others: I would, though I would recommend it most to people comfortable with gadgets. However, even if you’re not a gadget freak, it’s worth learning to use it.

Pump model: Smiths Medical Cozmo model 1800.
-Since when you’ve been pumping: Nov 2005
-Overall experience: Gave some normalcy back to my daughter’s life.
-Would you recommend it to others:Yes, it is the best thing that has happened since we were dx’d.

I have been pumping for 8 years. I am now using the 522. I am using the wizzard now and should of before. I still need the CGMS. I have mystery highs and I should have used the wizzard to correct my lows. I was over correcting and getting too high. If you are using the CGMS and your insurance is paying for it let me know how you got them to pay for it. Thanks.

Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 722 with Real Time CGMS
-Since when you’ve been pumping: Age 4 (son) 2002
-Overall experience: We couldn’t imagine being on shots anymore…
-Would you recommend it to others: Sure, seems silly not to be on a pump. But I also understand the belief that if it works, don’t fix it. Pumping isn’t easy, but we think it is worth it.

I’ve narrowed it down to the CozMore 1880 or Animas 2020. You have had both and if you don’t mind I am interested in why the more back to the CozMore? I am leaning toward the CozMore 1800, pupm/meter, download 500 carbs items, waterproof (sort of I guess), but lack any pump experience’s at all.

Thank you Nicole for your valuable input.


Pump Model: Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 722

When did I start: January of 2007 actually tried it in 2002 and hated it then got on it when I was older.

Overall experience: I LOVE it :slight_smile:

Would I recommend it: Oh yes, I know it has saved me a few times and my eye doctor told me my eyes are better since I started on the pump!


-Pump model: was diesetronic h-tronplus, now deltec cozmo
-Since when you’ve been pumping: mid-2003
-Overall experience: Awesome, Granted there are somedays when i wish i went back on shots (aka- the days where every site insertion goes wrong, im crying in pain, my blood sugars are running really high because of the faulty sites i keep inserting)
-Would you recommend it to others: Yes I would, for the most part.

Pump Model: Minimed 525
Pumping since: April 24th
Overall Experience: I love it, I really enjoy gadgets and having a 5.8 A1c.
Would you recommend it to others: If you give yourself more than 2 shots a day and you really want better control the pump is for you. If you decide that a pump is for you call Medtronic Minimed and they will do all the work for you. I got mine in under 2 weeks. The insurance company paid for almost the entire pump and 3 month supplies.

Pump: Omnipod
Pumping since: July 16, 2007
Overall Experience: I love it and hate it. Still trying to get my basals and boluses down to a science, how on earth do you handle lows??? Still trying to remember not to jump in car with the thing on top of my hip. Youch! That adhesive stuff means business.
Would you recommend it to others: I would definitely recommend. A lot of people (including myself) are interested in the no-tubing aspect but the size is a hold up. Honestly, I thought I’d be more self conscience about it but I even wore a fitted sun dress out the other night and you could see the POD if you looked hard enough. But I didn’t even care! It is a beautiful thing to just check my sugar, punch in how much I’m going to eat, ok the bolus suggestion and that’s it. Saves so much time! I was actually at dinner with the girls the other night and was looking down at the PDM punching in the numbers. They all thought I was praying for a really long time! Too funny…

Pump model: Deltec Cozmo (1800)

-Since when you’ve been pumping: 2001

-Overall experience: I love it!! After avoiding the whole pump issue for a great many years, I’m glad that I finally made the switch & wish I had done it sooner

-Would you recommend it to others: Definately!!

Pump Model: Medtronic Minimed 722 Pumping Since: 08/05/2007 ... hmmm that is 3 days now. Overall Experience: Wonderful. Been doing this diabetes thing for 31 years and this is great. I have done syringes and Medi-Ject Jet injector (to know what I am comparing against). Recommend: Absolutely. Well, providing you have a fair amount of discipline. I do not have the Continuous GM set up yet so, it is not exactly set and forget. But, definitely better than 5 shots a day.


Pump model: Animas 2020 Performance Pump
Since when you’ve been pumping: 7-23-07
Overall experience: So far every thing has been great. I know that I will be able to have better control of my life with this device.
Would you recommend it to others: I would recommend it to others as long as they understand that many people will ask questions and you have to kind of let them know something about yourself. I find that now many people look at me different now that they see I have this device attached.

Hi, Great site and by far the most helpful. Live in UK struggling to manage glucose levels although not to bad, am on shots. Been type 1, 23 yrs and Thinking of going onto pump, hardly anyone in UK uses pumps so keen to here experiences. Main question is the attachment issue, Do you feel less free being attached 24/7 or more free not having to do reg shots. Also how uncomfortable do new pump users find it. Any advice gratefully received. Chris

I have been on the pump for about 5 months and I love it. I got used to it being attached to me quite quickly. I recently had an infusion set fall out while I was out and I didn’t have a spare with me and I felt so uncomfortable for the 4 hours I was without it. It has gotten to be where it feels like a security blanket for me and I was so scared I was going to go high without it attached. Thankfully I did have syringes with me so I was able to draw insulin out of my pump to inject. I like the freedom from shots it gives me as well as the freedom to be able to live on a less rigorous schedule. It also has given me much tighter control. This past week I also started on the CGMS. I have already been prevented from having several lows thanks to the CGMS. I use the MM 722.

Deltec Cozmo model 1800
Day after Christmas, '07
Its the closest thing to being normal again!
I would recommend it, as long as your willing to learn new responsibility, but its totally worth it!

pump model minimed 722 pumping 2008, name pumpy, Well i am a virgin pumper lol:), Would not go back to mdis for nothing,YES! I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE.diabeticidol94

-Pump model: Animas 2020 (blue)
-Since when you’ve been pumping: June 26, 2008
-Overall experience: FANTASTIC!!!
-Would you recommend it to others: Everyone I talk to!

shyly raises hand
-Pump model: Cozmo 1700
-Since when you’ve been pumping: October 23, 2007
-Overall experience: I still wonder why I never started sooner.
-Would you recommend it to others: Pumping isn’t for everyone but I would recommend it to others. It has changed my life in the 9 months I’ve been on it. I say if you can, give it a try.

-Pump model: Omnipod
-Since when you’ve been pumping: July 15th, 2008
-Overall experience: Love it. Took half the time i though to get basals and such right!
-Would you recommend it to others: Definately. It has eased the burden of d. Much better control and ease when out and about!

Please state:
-Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 722
-Since when you’ve been pumping: Aug 2, 2008 10:55am!
-Overall experience: So far so good!
-Would you recommend it to others: Yes, there is a lot of control issues you can handle with a pump that you can’t with Lantus.