Where are the pumpers?

Pump Model: Minimed Paradigm 522(my fourth pump)
How Long Have I Been Pumping: 12 years
Overall Experience: Like Manny, I cannot imagine living without it. I’ve had D for 24 years and been pumping almost longer than I was taking shots.
Would You Recommend It To Others: Heck yeah! Especially female d’s planning on getting pregnant. That was why I initially started pumping. Two successful pregnancies and two beautiful children later…I give a lot of the credit to my pump.

Pump model: Minimed 522
Started pumping in 2001 until 2003. Took a “pump break” and started back in March 2008.
Overall experience: I love it. Shouldn’t have stopped…ever!

I would recommend pumping to everyone…it makes managing my diabetes so much easier!

Pump Model: Minimed 522
Pumping Since: May 2008
Overall Experience: I LOVE it.
Recommed: YES to everyone.

Pump model: Animas IR1250
Since : June 2005
Overall experience: I wouldn’t want to ever go back to shots, I LOVE my pump and I can’t wait for the Animas/Dexcom to merge so I can have both of my favorite things in one unit :slight_smile:
Would you recommend it to others: Yes :slight_smile:


Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 522 (brand spankin’ new!)
Since When: Pumping since July 2000
Overall experience: Totally life changing!
Would you recommend it to others: Absolutely, but as Manny said, not to everyone! You really have to have a commitment to good control, a true understanding of your body and diabetes and be comfortable with technology.

Pump Model: Deltec Cozmo
Pumping Since: January 2007
Overall Experience. Good.
Recommendation: Yep you betcha! The hassles (tube snaggage, sweating out infusion sets, pulling out infusion sets, line clogs, etc.) occasionally give me grief, but my control is much better. Last shot A1C was 9.2, first pump A1C was 6.9. I use to go wickedly low in the middle of the night on shot…that is extremely rare now. To sum: the pump is awesome!

Pump Model: Medtronic Minimed 722
Since when you’ve been pumping: August 08 but had pump several years before
Overall Experience: Very positive already seeing benefits of the pump
Would you recommend it to others: I would defiantly recommend it to others. Has helped me to have more freedom as far as schedule or if i want to skip a meal.

-Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 515.
-Since when you’ve been pumping: Spring 2005
-Overall experience: It’s been awesome! I wish I had done it sooner.
-Would you recommend it to others: definitely.

-Pump model: MM 722
-Since when you’ve been pumping: Feb. 2007
-Overall experience: Changed my life. Can’t beieve I did do it sooner.
-Would you recommend it to others: Most diffently was able to lose 85 lbs. and keep it off for 9 mo.s now. Also A1C from mid 7s to mid 6s

Please state:

-Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 508.
-Since when you’ve been pumping: 1999
-Overall experience: A good one. False sense of security at times, but wouldn’t want it any other way.
-Would you recommend it to others: Yes, it gives you those freedoms you need to feel, as a diabetic…the sleeping in, the eating desserts out. At least try it!!!

-Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 715
-Since when you’ve been pumping: 22 September 2008
-Overall experience: Still figuring out the exact settings etc. but been a definite improvement so far!
-Would you recommend it to others: Yes, I would, definitely!! Although it might feel strange at the beginning, and being tethered 24/7 takes a little getting used to, the pump seems to settle in very quickly! I would caution though, that only those people should get a pump that are ready to get one, and that want one. A pump should not be forced on anyone, as it does involve extra work and adjustments.

Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 722.
-Since when you’ve been pumping: September 2008
-Overall experience: Great! Immediate effect on my waking BGs, still working on the rest.
-Would you recommend it to others: Yes, I find myself recommending to anyone that’s a Diabetic who takes insulin shots. Increasing the ability to control something that is uncontrollable is a terrific feeling.

-Pump model: Pink Animas Ping
-Since when you’ve been pumping: September 30, 2008
-Overall experience: It has been AWESOME!
-Would you recommend it to others: I wish i hadn’t taken so long to make the decision to pump. Best decision i ever made!

Pump model: Accu-check Spirit now, started with HTron in 1991 (I’m a huge fan of Disetronics)
Overall experience: have had no worsening of my complications since pumping (17 years) with the exception of scar tissue

of course I would recommend it! and to all you pumpers out there, ROTATE your sites! I used only my abdomen for years, and now I can’t use it! I wish I had used my legs and butt earlier!

I AM !!!

Pump model: Medtronic Minimed 722 with CGMS
-Since when you’ve been pumping: November 2002 (original pump- Minimed 508)
-Overall experience: I love it and would never go back to MDI. Wish I had started (and then upgraded) sooner!

-Pump model:Cozmo 1800
-Since when you’ve been pumping: December 2007
-Overall experience:Mixed…much better than giving shots, but takes forever for the port marks to heal.
-Would you recommend it to others: I would, but would offer the person to do alot of research on the different types of pumps out there before a concrete decision.

Pump model: Blue Animas Ping.
-Since when you’ve been pumping: 1999
-Overall experience: Better control and minimal complications. Also a good ice breaker
-Would you recommend it to others: Definately. If only willing to put the time into themselves that is needed for analyzing BG’s and trends in ones values.

-Pump model: Animas 2020
-Since when you’ve been pumping: September 2007
-Overall experience: Best thing ever, helped a lot to bring the A1Cs down
-Would you recommend it to others: Without a doubt. I would recommend that therapy but not necessarily that particular pump, I find that that is a personal choice. We took Animas, because it was the only one we could swim in (deep and for a long time) without taking it off. The other thing also was because it had the smallest basal rates increments at that time (I don’t know now). We hit Myrtle Beach’s waves this summer and it was great! I asked my son (he’s the one wearing it) if he would go back and the answer is NO. He said that the “needle hurts sometimes, but put cream on for an hour before inserting the set and it’s going to be fine”. That’s his advice on pumpin’ :wink:

Hello Rainbow…

I completely understand where you are coming from on this. The first year I was diagnosed I was unable to afford coming up with that much money to get a pump myself. I was able to, however, get insurance through my new employer the insurance company covered 80% of the cost and monthly billed me the remaining 20% so that I was able to acquire one.

I do recommend that you look at the other forums as there not completely about pumpers. It does appear that a lot of the members have them but the true basis behind this community is to have a place to come and ask questions; about anything, not just pumping. I encourage you to continue to look through the forums and make friends as they have more information to provide then just pumping.

Let me know if you ever need anything!