Where do you go on the web to get info on diabetes?


What is an android display?


There are car stereo units which have the android os. They work just like an android phone does. So, you can tether your internet connection through your phone and open the chrome browser and point to your NS url and have the data displayed right on your dashboard

I should’ve specified stereo units.


Probably way less distracting though than digging out one’s receiver or phone to check, or than doing it old school—I’ve definitely tested and given shots while driving, and I’m sure others have too…


I am trying to teach my kids to pull to the side of the road if they need to do txt msg as part of the larger conversation of the serious dangers of “distracted driving”.

Taking a glance at a BG graph whether on your dash or on your wrist is what I would consider well within the limits of safe driving and likely keeping somebody on insulin therapy safer while they drive.

Adding additional activities while driving is not safe. If you catch yourself doing it, you really need to remind yourself that it only takes a moment to pull to the side of the road, take care of your additional activity (whatever it is) and then get back driving.


I also prefer forums over Facebook!


Me too! Facebook overwhelms me - there are so many options, I don’t know where to start. I am a member of several groups, and do find lots of helpful information, but I don’t feel as much a member there as I do in a forum, and I like the member kind of feeling. :slight_smile:


I put Dr. Richard Bernstein high on my “go-to” list. He got me started on a BS machine probably 10 years before most of the doctors and PWD were aware. I currently have the digital version of his book and often do a search in that for topics I’m interested in.

Beyond that, I do searches both on YouTube and the internet in general. The garbage to gold ratio is pretty high sometimes, but eventually you get a feel who is taking a more reasoned approach. Often, this forum gives me ideas about specific topics that I can further explore. Some are directly related to diabetes, while others may be general health issues that “could” be related. A few examples:

  1. I recently got off a proton pump inhibitor (PPI.) YouTube gave me both the reason to do it and the technique for weaning off.
  2. About four months ago, I switched to a rather low carb diet. Thank you Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Lustig and Gary Taubes! Dropped about 20 lbs since then and reduced my A1c by a full point. Still a ways to go!
  3. I can try only a limited number of recipes and there are many thousands out there. I’ve used YouTube and searched on “ketogenic” and some specific type of dish (e.g. ice cream, cake, bread.) Let’s not kid ourselves that these are equivalent to the real thing, but they provide a variety that would otherwise be missing.
  4. One I’m still struggling with is hypothyroidism. Dr. Bernstein would tell us that almost all Type 1 diabetics have it, but I have doubts about that. Still, there does seem to be an increased incidence. After extensive research, I’m left wondering what tests would be worth having done and how those results should be interpreted.

I’m seeing a couple of resources in this post that I’ll have to check out!


Just joined, but have been on the UK diabetic forum for about a year. Didn’t even know we had one outside of the ADA.

Anyway, on the web, I go to Dr Jason Fung’s Intensive Dietary Management blog for info. This should take you to the Diabetic info.

For recipes and other info, I often go to Diet Doctor. You can get lots of info and low carb recipes without joining.


I like Jenny Ruhl, but I find her book, Blood Sugar 101, easier to navigate then her web site.

I totally agree with Dr Richard Bernstein, but again find his book , Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, easier to deal with than his massive amount of Diabetic University videos. I just ignore the info about insulin since I don’t require it at this time?