Fav Website?

Whats your single most favourite D website?
One reason (only one pls) why its your favourite.
Other that TuDiabetes of course!

My fav is http://www.diabetesselfmanagement.com/Articles/
Why? So knowledgeable.

http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.php – it deals with the reality of diabetes, in a very personal, up front way.

I second Lizmari. I learned much from that site too =)

blood sugar 101 site ! thats in my top 3.
the author jenny ruhl is such a nice lady.
she emailed me her comments when i just got my sites up.
i’ve just ordered her book from amazon.com. in australia, so it will take a few days
(blood sugar 101 book i think its called). cant wait.
i also just ordered with this shipment The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle by Dr Seal a chronic diseases lifestyle doctor

Add my vote for Jenny. Feel so fortunate that I found it shortly after being diagnosed & keep going back.

Diabetes Support UK, supported by Diabetes UK. This is a UK diabetes forum with a simple, straightforward design, no separation of types wheere everyone of the enormously helpful, friendly and experienced people pitch in together to help us through everything and anything. If you’re in the UK, please come and join in (or even if you’re not in the UK!)

just to clarify, the first posting refers to
http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.php and
thats actually the blood sugar 101 site i was talking about by jenny ruhl.
The site is by jenny ruhl who also has book by the same title.

The Diabetes Support UK has some great social media sites too.

www.tudiabetes.org :wink:

On certain other (unnamed) websites, merely asking or answering this question is assumed to be insurrection and is grounds for permanent banning.

I commend the tudiabetes team for keeping this such an open forum where free speech like this is not only tolerated but encouraged…

In my case, I also visit diabetes-book, and diabetesdaily often.

I have a “boatload” of sites, ranging from blogs (like diabetesmine) to research (nutritionandmetabolism) that I visit on a regular basis.

Diabetes support Uk is my top site as everyone on there is brilliant when I needed support and encouragement I would go there and make a post or even go to the chatroom and someone would he able to help.I also love that there is no separation and type 1s know a lot about type 2 and the same about type 2 knowing about type 1s.
I think it was a big hit with me because of the chatroom to be honest.


The friendships you make here and all the good advice you get from here.

thanks bsc
i grew up with the mantra "knowledge is power (although censorship does have its place, in the right places of course
ps yes diabetes daily is fine too.

Because I am type 1, I like this sight a lot. http://juvenation.org

I will second Doris. I am getting addicted to www.tudiabetes.org I have met a lot of people here with knowledge about diabetes, guys like Paul and bcs whose discussions are lively. I do also visit diabetes daily, diabetes forums and diabetes connect just to name a few and in a self serving note, the poor diabetic blog. “wink wink” happens to be my favoritest in the whole wide world.

triabetes.com the forum is filled w/ a lot of amazing diabetic athletes who are pretty smart and fun

Other than TuDiabetes, of course, my favorite diabetes website is Jenny’s blood sugar 101.

I love love love TuDiabetes and advocate about it very often.
I also love www.1HappyDiabetic.com and www.FightingTheUnseen.com
1HappyDiabetic (also a member here) deals with the issues of diabetes in a very light hearted manner.
Fighting The Unseen is solely about type 1 and the complications. I will admit that it is “my” site, and it’s still growing, but I would like to see it become a great resource like TuDiabetes is.

My favorite other website is www.sixuntilme.com Love reading Kerri’s blog every day.

TuDiabetes .org