Where do you hook it / strap it / hang it?

Good morning all,

I have been on a pump for all of 15 hours now. The first night was a little rough. I was low several times, but I got through it with several calls to my CDE and some basal adjustments. Anyway, I just discovered a new problem (not new for you). As I have my pump clipped to my belt or waist band, I don’t know the best way to deal with it when I drop my pants to use the restroom. Fortunately, my bathroom at home has a counter right next to the toilet, but out in the world, that won’t be the case.

So, I am interested to know how people handle this situation. Where do you wear your pump normally? If you have to unclip it in the bathroom, what do you do with it?


I just leave the pump in my pocket or clipped to my waistband. I prefer the longer length tubing though which lets me wear it more places and can toss and turn in bed without getting strangled.

just simply detach it temporarily if you need to, unless you plan on being in there for a while

I usually put my pump in my pocket and don’t have that issue, but when I am at a store trying on new pants or even at home changing and can’t rest my pump on my dresser or bed, I clip it to the bottom of my shirt. Not going to stay on there forever, but def hangs on at least 20 minutes.

My initial shipment of supplies included 23 inch tubing… I should look into longer tubing.

And, if I go with 42 inch tubing, I can leave the pump on my waistband AND keep dropping my pants to the floor for a wee wee.

Too funny. Thanks Danny.


I use the longer length of tubing (I think it’s 42") so there is no issue. However, I have used infusion sets where the tubing was much shorter. In these instances, I had to unclip the pump from my belt/waistband and clip it onto my shirt. That was the best solution I had come up with then. I just got some new infusion sets this morning, which are all 23", so I’ll have to figure this out again as well.

Unless you want to unclip the pump from your waistband/belt it everytime and find a place to put it, 42" tubing is the way to go. If I am wearing 23" tubing I usually unclip the pump and clip it to the top of whatever shirt I am wearing.
I have never had an issue with too much tubing (just tuck the excess into my pants) when I don’t need it and find it way more manageable to have longer tubing when I drop my pants to use the restroom, change/put on my clothes, and sleep.

I nearly always wear a button up shirt. Clipping between one set of buttons seems to be an easy solution.


Hi SB,

Back when I was on the Cozmore (now I’m a podder), I use to clip it to my medic alert necklace or the collar of my shirt. I’ve also pinched it between my jaw and chest.

Another option would be to get some sort of pump belt/spibelt/fanny pack thing, and keep it in there. I’ve got one, but only very rarely used it.

Good luck and cheers, Mike

Just wanted to add that Sure-Ts are also available with longer tubing now (they used to only have 23"). I also prefer the longer tubing.

I’m female and 5’7" and the longer tubing works for me. The other option is to start wearing a bra and hooking it on the front in the middle between the cups.

…sorry, I couldn’t resist. LOL!

HAHA :slight_smile:

I have a medic alert necklace thing, a fully functional guitar pick (Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath used metal picks too I think?) and replaced the cheapo chain with a solid, stainless steel link chain, which was only 2.99, a local jewler welded (?) a loop on for the necklace (they were like “it’s an emergency, he’s diabetic” which I thought was sort of amusing…) and just clip it to that if I don’t have anything else on. I also use the collar of my shirt or in between the buttons of button downs. I also clip it to the towels when I am weighing myself because I am a psycho and we have a tenths of a pound scale.

I am 5’1" with the short tubing. I usually just clip it to my underwear (I can’t have it on the outside of my pants at work or it will get yucky haha) but I guess my pants don’t go all the way to the ground??? haha I pee sitting down so… it’s okay for me. This is turning out to be a weirder post than I originally intended. When I am at home: usually in a sweatshirt pocket all day or something.