Insulin Pump Wearing

Whats your favorite way to wear your insulin pump? Do you have a favorite accessory you use?

just curious, what infusion set do you use? i think you mentioned you're thin, which one works best? thanks!

I wear it clipped to my belt loop. For running, I clip it onto my Amphipod belt. That's about it.

Yes about 100 lbs and the best set after many trial and errors is the sure t for me! The only issue I still have is unexplained air bubbles, they cannot come up with a reason for them and they drive me CRAZY have tried EVERYTHING!

Thanks acid!

i wear it hanging from the center of my bra!

While I hated the pump and no longer use it, I ALWAYS clipped it to the waist of my pants with the clear belt clip that medtronic supplies and I highly recommend it if you just want somewhere to put it. I also would put it in the back or front center of my pants waistband if I was sleeping and that kept it out of the way and I could typically sleep on any side I wanted to though it was often uncomfortable on some nights if I put my infusion set more in my side. As long as you have the clear clip on the pump securely though it's the one I liked the most out of anything I used for it.

If I can I put it in my pants pocket, otherwise I clip it on my waistband. If I wear a dress I clip it to my bra or use a thigh thing. And finally when I wear sporty attire and when I run I use my spi belt, which is my favorite way to wear it.

Generally, i put it in my pants pocket. Always the right one, i am so used to it that i notice when its not there.
if the pants or skirts have no pockets, i usually use the clip to clip it to my waistband, but i've had many broken clips before, so i am always careful with them.
i sometimes put it in my bra, but only in a baby sock, because i hate the feeling of plastic against my skin.

Clipped to my belt to keep it cool in its little leather case. When cycling I either clip it to my bibs strap under my shirt (annoying at best for the bulge), or I've doctored up an old Nike ipod arm holder which it can sit in when I have a CGM attached so I can look at my forearm for a reading while riding.

Clipped to my bra, clipped to my waist, in a pocket, or zipped in a Type Tank or SpiBelt during work out. It all depends on what I'm wearing / doing.

I stopped trying to explain the bubbles a long time ago, I just do a bubble check each day and do a disconnect and then a fill cannula action if I see one.

I've always just clipped it without any holster or cover to my belt or front pants pocket. Lately I've stated to favor my belt around in back just above my rear pants pocket. I like that this position doesn't hinder access to my front pockets.

OK, thanks. Do you change your sure-t's every two days or can you go three? i'm thinkin about going back to medtronic. do you wear your CGM on your tummy area too with pump? THANKS!

sensorium, why did you hate the pump?

On the rare occasion that I wear a dress and it doesn't have pockets I either clip it to the top of my boot, if I'm wearing boots, or attach it to my calf using an big elastic band with velcro sewn to each end.

I love my SPIbelt. I wear it all day long and it never gets annoying. They have a two pocket option if you have a CGM.

One way to reduce the problem with bubbles is to fill your reservoir in advance. If you keep your insulin in the fridge, let it warm up first and then fill your reservoir 12-24 h before it needs changing. When you come to replace the reservoir knock out any bubbles that form so they rise to the top of the reservoir, hold the pump upright when you insert the new reservoir and also whilst you prime the pump. When you fill the tubing, the bubbles will come out with the first few drops of insulin.

Always worked for me.

I wear my pump clipped to my belt at the hip.


I change my sure t about every 5 days, after day 2-3 I move the needle to prevent scar tissue. I have to wear my cgm dexcom on my upper buttox as anywhere else it gives me problems due to not having enough body fat.