Where do you inject?

I don't know if I've just reached the point where the novelty of injecting insulin has worn off so much that I've forgotten that it may be shocking to others....

The other day I was in the bathroom at our community centre. And I laid out my needle kit on the counter and went into a stall to inject. This little girl -- probably 8 or 9 -- was by herself in the washroom with me and saw the needles and I think she got a little scared. I just said to her, "It's ok, it's just my medicine" but she left the bathroom without going.

Another time, I got a disgusted look from a lady when I injected in the gym locker room. I'm thinking, you're standing there naked and I'm the who's not being discreet?

Are you guys liberal about injecting in public? Do you inject in the food court or lunchroom? Does it bother your family members to inject in front of them?

I whip out a needle and inject any where any time. I do inject through cloths, though. I use my upper thigh in restaurants. I have a pump now, but still inject via needle sometimes and now that I take symlin I just push my shirt up a little and whammo.
20 years ago, I injected in a restaurant restroom before eating and a woman called the cops on me. She didn’t look at me, however, so I was eating in the dining room when the cops came and she couldn’t point me out. I didn’t say anything, just watched the entertainment and finished my meal.

I inject in public & am pretty discrete. My family & friends are used to it. One of my nephews was squeamish until I showed him how tiny the needles are.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago T1. At first, I would go to a restroom (if in public) to inject. Then I realized how inconvenient and gross that is. I don’t wanna balance my purse and supplies in a dirty restroom, when I could just do it at the restaurant table. Why am I leaving the food area to do something everyone else’s body is doing right there? Insulin and food go together, and I decided I am not going to pretend otherwise. I don’t think it is something any of us should “hide”. We should be VERY public about it. Let people feel uncomfortable, like we did when told we’d have to inject every time we eat. Perhaps they will feel a little bit of our pain and it will bring more awareness.

Since I got over “offending” others (because frankly, I am offended I have to even do this to survive, so I dare someone to confront me in public), I have injected on the train, a plane, the movie theater, in a car, ANYWHERE I need to eat, or it’s time for a Lantus dose.

I will not inject in a restroom … if someone can’t handle me doing it at the table their issues not mine (had one person give me a bad look when I did it at the table months ago, while out with hubby she even complained to the waitress who mostly said if she had an issue with it take it up with Health Canada. ::chuckles:: Wait staff who is diabetic can come in handy at times.

In truth i do not like injecting in public places at all, since I do have to lift my T or the like to get at where I inject less I have hubby jab me in the arm (which I have dun a couple of times while out and putting supplies down just wasn’t going to happen).

I use a pump now, but when I injected, it was anywhere I happened to be - restaurants, theatres, staff room, office, kitchen table.

I inject in my stomach and it can be awkward unzipping and zipping my pants to get to it. I’ve done it at a restaurant table. Can’t do it if my sister is there cuz she gets all crazy.

Wow, i never really thought about this. I’ve never done it where anyone could see me.

I will inject pretty much anywhere, but I am aware of others around me and try to be discreet. My friends and family members are fine with it and my 2 granddaughters have just learned to give a shot…so it is “fun” to give grandma an injection and they feel so proud of themselves. I will also inject right through my shirt and have never had a problem. Injecting is no big deal to me. It keeps me alive. :slight_smile: Yea!

I pretty much inject (Byetta) wherever is safe and not “intrusive.” I don’t excuse myself, I’ll just inject under the table at a restaurant. I’ll turn away so that people don’t have it in their face, but this is life. I also decided that it was silly doing all that washing the site and exposing the skin. I just “bam” inject right through my clothes. It does wear through needles faster, but it does make it a lot more convenient. You mean you have to change needles? But given that the majority of my injections are at home, if you are in my house, I will inject in front of you. You probably won’t notice, I don’t make a big deal out of it, but you have to deal with it. What is strange is that I have on D friend that comes over, I inject in front of her and then she “always” runs off to the bathroom for her injection. But of course she does not reveal her T1 to anyone except her family and closest friends.

I am pumping now, but when I do inject I would inject anywhere. I try to be discrete as possible - i.e. injecting under the table, but I am definitely not afraid to whip it out at a sports event or a concert (the pen/syringe I mean by that haha). The bathroom - a definite no no for me -to gross and dirty. I injected in public all around Disney World a month ago - no problems.

Even on the Thunder Mountain Railway? You are very brave.

Or Space Mountain. That’s scary without injecting.

Anywhere, for sure. I don’t make a show of it, but I don’t make any special effort to hide it. I’m not aware of it bothering anyone. I use pens for my humalog, so it’s probably less obvious what I’m doing, but I wouldn’t do anything differently if I had to switch to a syringe.

I see you have an infant. To me, it’s like nursing in public. Some people won’t, some people go to a lot of trouble to drape themselves in blankets, one woman nursing twins will forever be known in my mind as “Mardi Gras.” (You can make your own visual on that.) In response, the reactions of folks around of are the same: revulsion, curiosity, understanding, not-noticing.

When on shots, we did them wherever we were and never in the bathroom - unless it was a fancy bathroom with a nice, separate sitting area. (Nordstrom’s, I’m thinking of you.)

Anywhere convenient for me and those I happen to be with. I try to be discreet but if I have to push away from the table, or turn my chair to the side, or untuck and lift up my shirt, that’s what I’ll do. I’ve never had a problem but some of my friends have told me that I sometimes have an audience.

I used to excuse myself to the restroom but I stopped doing that because the only time I had any serious problems was outside of a public bathroom.

I rushed into what I thought was an empty bathroom and just as I lifted up my shirt to take my injection, another guy was exiting a stall and heading out the door. As I left the bathroom a couple of minutes later, he was waiting for me. He was obviously drunk and I kind of ignored him as I tried to walk by, but then he grabbed me and started patting me down. I was shocked and had no idea what was going on, thinking it was some kind of joke, but then I heard the word “drugs”. I pushed him away, took a step back, and showed him my Novolog pen. Then came the mortified look on his drunken face as the realization of what he just did sort of sunk in. I pushed him aside and, as I walked past, told him I’d either punch him in the face or call the cops and have him arrested for assault, or maybe both, if he said another word.

Ten minutes later, the manager came to my table, apologized profusely, and offered me and my GF a round of free drinks.

After all that, I just figured it’s more safe to be open about sticking myself with needles in public.

I used to run off to the ladies room and hide myself away. When I started using a Novolog penfill, I became much more comfortable injecting at the table. If I’m eating with someone who doesn’t know that I take insulin, I briefly explain what I’m doing (and why). Same thing with checking my BG. I’ll do it at the table or in the ladies room (near the sinks, where the light is better and I don’t risk dropping my meter in the bowl!). After 20 years with diabetes, I really don’t care what people think.

I’ll pretty much inject anywhere, especially when I’m with people that I’m comfortable with and know that I have diabetes. I could care less what complete strangers think. Sometimes I will take a trip to the restrrom to “juice up”. It just depends on my mood and the situation, though.

I’ve never injected through clothing and I’ll never inject in my thigh again–I either hit a vein or an artery once and went straight to the abyss. It was a horrible experience.

I have to agree pretty much w/ what everyone else has said. When I was on MDI I’d inject anywhere. I was making diabetes a smaller part of my life by injecting whenever/wherever. If I got up to go to the bathroom every time I wanted/needed to inject, I’d spend half my day there–not exactly making the fact of living w/ the disease any “easier”.
And if people are squeamish of needles, they can look away. Like others, I didn’t flaunt the needles around, but if I was at the table eating at a restaurant, I had no trouble un-tucking my shirt and injecting, regardless of who may have been looking.
I’m pumping now, but occasionally I take a shot every now and again. My roommate is very squeamish of needles, so I just give him a heads up so he can look away, and that takes care of it :slight_smile:
I’d just say do whatever is comfortable for you. You’re the one living w/ the disease.

Anywhere and everywhere. I have even done it while walking down the street.