Placement of MM CGMS sensors

I was just wondering what areas everyone uses for their sensor insertion? I have only used my stomach and my love-handle area, but these spots are starting to get a little too full of red dots, so I would like to expand. I just don’t know what areas to try and am a little terrified to start sticking that needle just anywhere.

I use my legs as well( presently ) ; have seen others use arms and I was told, they did not use the serter…I tried this ,really however need another pair of hands to remove the serter . Good question Kimberly and hope you receive lots of ideas …thanks.

I know somebody who places that tiny sensor on her hips, just below the lower back.

I tried an upper leg but it bled all over the place. I’m tempted to try the arms, but unsure. My ‘Next victim’ will be my upper boo-tocks. I can’t afford more for a few weeks, so will have to be VERY CAREFUL!

upper buttocks, middle thigh thoroughly secured with iv prep/tegaderm, love handles / hips I haven’t tried the arm sites yet.

When you say middle thigh - is that inside, on top or outside? I guess I just don’t really know what part of my thigh is fat and what part is muscle. Not that I’m all sorts of muscular, or anything.

I use my lower back (kind of belly button level and below) and buttocks a lot. I prefer them to my stomach as I can’t see the sensor once its in and I can’t really feel it.

I think it’ll be very helpful if you all can post pictures of the sensor placement…I’ll be getting a MM722+CGM system soon and I would appreciate seeing the pictures.

I am not computer savvy enough to post a picture…when I say leg , I use same area as when I used to give insulin : outer thigh … I think however, that we have more place to put sensor, than injecting insulin ; this is the measurement of interstitional fluids , not same as delivering insulin .Correct me anyone , if I am off ?

top middle of my thigh, mine is on my buttocks right now, next time I change it out I will post a picture.

I feel you are correct. The only thing would be, is to be careful you aren’t near a muscle.

Do you have scar tissue from the old insulin sites on your legs. I use my “love-handle” areas and find that I don’t get good positioning anywhere else. The sensor does not read too accurately if I have it inserted wrong…I have scar tissue on my buttocks from insulin…I guess I could try it higher up, is it so you don;t sit on it all day ? Yes it doesn’t work in muscle.

I don’t have much scar tissue - when I was younger my mother as a nurse made sure she really rotated my sites. I followed the same thing when I got older.

In order from most favorite to least I use my thighs, hips/behind, arm flab, and abdomen. Since I love my belly for pump sites I have been avoiding the cgm there. Thighs are more prone to bleeding for me but sensor data has been great. Arms are tricky to insert and tape with one hand but I can do it and I like the underside…think the fat/flabby part prone to the effects of gravity. If I go more laterally on the arms and I end up annoyed because I cant sleep on that side without laying on it.

I am very thin and the best (and only) place I found to work is the lower bum but not so low that I am sitting on it. It was working well until a few months ago and I too have a lot of little red dots so am thinking I have over used those sites. Now I am thinking of using the love handles but I am not scared because I really don’t have a lot of fat there but need to try some other area. So I am very interested in learning where others place the CGMS. I need ideas.

We just started using the MM Guardian a few days ago with my son (3). With the needle being the size that it is, and my son being as small as he is, I have only used his RUMP as a pincushion. That is really the only place (other than maybe the top of his thigh) that will work for now.

Hi, just got the CGMS with Minimed. Finding a site seems like a challenge. I am trying to avoid putting it in my lovehandle area, because going to the pool and stuff I’d prefer to avoid the weird looks. Plus my sides are chewed up from the pump spots. so I am giving them a rest. I have had mixed success goingot my upper butt. One sensor was in for just under 3 days but it was all red and itchy, so I had to take it out.

I would consider the legs, but I don’t have much (any?) fat on my thighs. I men, I am no muscle guy by any means, but I do moderate exercise 4 times a week (elliptical and some weights). So I am worried about sticking that horrible looking needle into my leg.

Before I try it, just looking for advice. Does it look worse than it is? Will it actually work? Do I need more fatty areas?

That needle does look worse than it often is but you do want to put it in fat.

The most successful location I have found for my sensor is in my upper thighs. I’ve tried my arms, abdomen, love handles, lower back, upper butt, and hip. I cannot get those darn things to stick for more than three days unless they’re inserted into my leg. I exercise regularly and shower twice many days. Not to mention that I am a sweatier-than-average person. The sensors seem to sit the flattest and tape to stick the best on my thighs. It is a pain when removing/changing clothes because I must be careful not to rip the sensor out, but the longer lifespan of the sensor outweighs the annoyance of the necessity to be careful. Bottom line: go for the legs :slight_smile:

I save my stomach for my pump sites and use my thighs, hips and upper butt for my sensor sites. I average about 14-20 days on my sensor. I’ve been using the integrated MM CGMS system since January 2008 and pumping since 2002. I find the hips easier to hide the sensor and give good separation between pump sites. Watch when pulling up your pants or wearing low-rise jeans, as I’ve had issues with the waistband catching as I stand up or sit down if I place in the wrong place.