Where in the world is spring?

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. It looks like the weather around here is finally going to be nice. It’s about time, it has been cold and rainy here which doesn’t make good turkey hunting weather.
Well, I have had a busy last 2 months. The U.S. (World Kitchen) closed up our Distribution Centre here in Niagara Falls, Onatrio. My last day was May 9th, but I have been searching for new employment since they told us at the end on March. Well I started getting all the phone calls at once which made it hard to decide where to go. The Monday after they closed I started at a home improvement store working in the lumber yard and now a week and a half later I start at a company that make windmills that produce electricity. I have had other interviews and testing for Ford Motor Company but as of yet it’s off to DMI for now. My biggest issue for finding a new job was finding one that had benefits so that my son would be covered. There are not a lot of good paying jobs here and affording all of his diabetic supplies and asthma medication would be difficult. Luckily every place I had an interview has benefits so I was starting to not worry too much. All in all our son is doing good. The little rough patch he was going through with being sick has passed finally thank goodness. I hope this year will be easier.
We are getting ready for our Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes here in the Falls. This is our second year participating and we are not only walking but we volunteered to help set up and register people maybe even bar-b-q. I really hope the weather stays nice so that we have a good turnout. Last year we had a deer run past all of the walkers, I wonder what we’ll see this year. I will post some pics after the walk.

Take care everyone and I’ll talk at ya soon.