Jumping HARES in the meadow Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived and the feeling that if I really buckle down and put my mind to it I can do better with my diabetic control resulting in my blood sugars stabilizing and giving me better quality of life than I have had to date,reading other blogs on Tu gives me hope that like some of you the Beast is at least chained up,blood sugar at this moment is 10.2 jelly babies (sweets)at bedtime not really a good idea at my age I should know better and I do but that little Devil That sits on m shoulder is very persuasive,sneezing now have to take victoza always take it at 8am,when my blood sugars are high I get sores in my nose and my face gets sore as well I am assuming it is the sugars but could easily be a side effect of one of the 13 different drugs take daily who knows at last if I blame it on the sugars I feel I can do something about it.

Victoza dosage done time for morning medication (pills) 10 in total now I ask you are these many really necessary the doctor seems to think so,me I am not 100% convinced,insulin with my breakfast later then set for the day ahead,Monday something about Mondays no idea what it is but they seem special I seem to have a spring in my voice this morning not the type you jump on and off but the special feeling when Spring has arrived the new beginning the new birth a new start for all of us,dog barking outside yapping away smudge in cat heaven sleeping chasing mice or birds my Angel at work for me the day will be long until my Angel comes from work but like all good things well worth the long wait.