Where in UK to buy needles for the Novorapid Flexpen & Lantus Solostar

Where in the UK can I buy needles for the Novorapid Flexpen & Lantus Solostar?
Ideally on line.

Thank You

I imagine you can get them on amazon just like you can here in the states. The flexpens and solostar pens usually can use the same pen tips even though the packaging goes on about only using so and so brand (some sort of fix if you ask me)

Any pharmacy will supply them. I assume you’re talking about the needle tips that screw onto the pens? You can buy them over the counter, they’re about 20 pounds a box, no tax, but if you have a prescription from a UK doctor or a walk in clinic the charge is about 9 pounds. Course you’ve got to pay for the walk in clinic too so it’s probably cheaper just to buy them.

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