Pen Needles. Love them can’t buy them

I’ve used pen needles from day one of my 500 yrs of use.
My original order came from a local pharmacy and I forget the cost but I know I found them far cheaper on Amazon Prime. (Same gauge and length) but then I found the on Amazon at $6.75 Bx\100 . I had ordered this for several years. At the end of January I ordered two box, to have a message pop up that they could not be delivered to my address due to State restrictions. Had my Endo Doc send a script to Amazon’s Pharmacy Dept. I then tried to order them from Amazon Pharmacy, but got the same message. I later found out that while they due carry injector pens of my type they don’t carry needles. The issue is that there are several states that I know of where By State laws prevent Amazon from shipping needle. Now why their pharmacy doesn’t carry them. The States I’d referred to are Connecticut,South Carolina , and Georgia I’m sure there is more. I was told by Amazon Pharmacy to have the needles shipped to someone who could receive them and then mail them to me. In my mind set that would be illegal. At issue is why can’t the Amazon Pharmacy carry them, then ship them legally with a prescription. The

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I had a parallel issue when in China over a decade ago you were only allowed to carry a few pen needles in your luggage in certain airports. I quickly learned to re-use pen needles for several injections extending the use of a 100 pen box from less than 1 month to over a couple of years. I learned how to get 60+ injections out of the same pen. One of the tricks was to flush out basal insulins like Lantus and Levemir with fast acting Humalog because the basal insulins are like glue and quickly plug up a needle. Also do not inject through clothing as that dulls the needles and bends the tips much faster. Take great care screwing the needle onto the pen because after a few dozen injections, the stem that goes into the pen starts to weaken and if not careful, will fold over the tip of the pen rather than insert into the pen. With a little care, pen needles will go a long, long way.

I recently looked at one of my pen boxes and saw that it was over 10 years old. That was from back in the days when I was getting 7 boxes for a 90 day supply. That 90 day supply has lasted me well over a decade.


Needles and syringes are in this funny category where not just state but local rules create all kinds of impediments that a mail-order company may not be able to comply with.

For example in LA County I always had to sign a register to buy syringes. How could that work for mail order?

In Illinois there was some crazy rule about folks below a certain age (18? 21?) not being allowed to ever have more than 10 syringes at a time. Not just buy more than 10. Only ever have 10.

Yeah I to use the same needle several times.
Basically change them out when they get dull
(don’t like pain)
I did however come up with an ordering issue, I had them sent to my sister in Fla. And she is mailing them back to me
Like you I’ll have enough for a couple years.
Thanks for the feed back.

Not to condemn LA County but from what I’ve seen on the new lately. If you need more the 10 syringes, it would be quite easy just to pick them up off the ground.


OMG John70. :sweat_smile: LOL.

Have u tried Walmart? Just a thought. Nancy50


I went from syringes to pump (50+yrs), and never used pens except to try one out.

Yes I looked at pumps, the issue with them is that they all require a minimum amount of insulin to operate.
This minimal amount is more the I would take as a bolus doses so the excess in the pump would be wasted. I was most interested in the omnipod sense it interfaces with my Dexcom.

Perhaps I don’t live in that neighborhood, however I’ve never seen a needle on the ground in losangeles.