Where on my body can I insert a G6

I will be inserting my first G6 sensor soon and I am wondering if I can insert it on my arm or thigh? Are the readings any different?

I think you will find people who have worn it just about everywhere conceivable. And you’ll find others that said each of those spots didn’t work great for them :crazy_face: I did my first sensor (and two restarts) on my stomach, and my second sensor is sitting on the upper side of my arm.

This is definitely a YDMV situation. I do wonder, completely without even anecdotal evidence, if the people (more on FB than here), who complain about their G6s are using these non-prescribed locations.

Good luck with your first insertion

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Hey I needed this info too so thank you. My order is sitting here waiting to be started up, but my husband is very sick in the hospital and my concentration time is just not here right now.

I hope that your husband is better very soon.

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Thank you. He got severe lymph edema from cancer treatment and he can’t evn walk right now.

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Let me say, as a cancer survivor, diabetic, therapist, and occasional caregiver, please remember to take care of yourself too. You can’t help others if you don’t.


Thanks. That’s why I stayed home today. I had to grocery shop for an elderly parent and pick up prescriptions. I simply had to take the day…

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@Laura_S, Sounds like you are experiencing a stressful time, I am wishing for you strength to help you through.

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I hope your husband does better soon.

I have always put mine on my arm as that is where I used to wear my Libre and plenty of people had videos where they have placed it on their arm too. In my case I want to save my stomach for my Omnipod placements. You can pretty much pull up pictures of people putting them in many areas.

It might be hard for you to sit down and focus right now, but again plenty of videos to show you how to insert your first sensor. But when you do you will find it will be easier to deal with everything you have to right now when you are wearing it. You won’t have to worry about what your BG’s are doing as much and will get to do less finger sticks. (except for the first day)

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@Laura_S I’m sending you lots of hugs. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband!

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Hi @Joan3,
I wear my G6 on the back of my arm because that’s where I have the most fat. Every body is different. My readings are often wonky the first day of a new sensor insertion, but then the G6 settles into a more accurate phase nearing day 2. To avoid this first day wonkiness, I typically insert a new sensor one day prior to popping in the transmitting and starting that sensor. People on here call this “pre-soaking”. This has been very helpful for me. Good luck!

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Thank you so much.

It has been a real pain being at the hospital and pulling out strips!

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Thank you. We’re living on prayer right now. He’s our only source of income so besides the hospital stuff going on, I am trying to have disability expedited. The paperwork has been in 90 days, so hopefully they will get it to go through. My pastor’s Mom is experienced in this and has a very important meeting to get everything finished on 2/24.


Thank you so much for the info. I’m looking forward to using the G6.

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I alternate the front of both arms. I save my whole abdomen for my pump sites (since 2001). I insert vertically on the front of the arm at the fleshy part (I have flesh!) which means I can sleep on my sides which is normal for me, without it being pressed on at all. It is just slightly towards my body on my arm. I have never had problems with readings. I carry my sensor (don’t use a phone for it) in the same side pocket. i do find if I carry it in the opposite pocket i sometimes lose connection. If I have a shirt with pocket (I am on laptop at home a lot and wear a warm overshirt) that works well.

Thanks so much for your info

Well, husband is doing a tad better but moving to a rehab facility for PT on Friday. I am hooked up now, and wondering why I got an out of distance error? How close does the receiver need to be? And, how in the world do you get the gel skin thing on the receiver? I cant use my phone, so I want to put the darn skin on and I cant seem to stretch it long enough???

I’m also wondering if you can insert it in your thigh?