Dexcom placement

I just inserted my first sensor without difficulty! YAY! I was planning on putting it in my arm, but the booklet said to put it left to right, not up and down. I didn’t place it on my arm…worried about enough realestae. If you do put it on your arm, do you place it right to left? Can you place it up and down?

As always, thanks so much for your help!

I had the same issue when I was deciding where to put my first sensor… It takes some experimenting and a lot of it depends on your body type. I HATED the sensor in the stomach. However, I had four sensors fail in my arm because there was not enough fat on my arms and it kept bending the sensor (i always put it up/down). Now, I have it on my back, about three inches above my hips. It hasnt failed, hasnt come off and best of all, IS COMFORTABLE. Just give it a couple tries in different places and you will figure it out!

When I use my arm, I always place it vertically. I’ve never had a problem this way, and get really good readings. Since I’ve started with the OmniPod, I’ve been using my arms for Pod sites only. I’ve been wearing Dex on my upper buttocks, and it’s working great there (I actually got 12 days out of my last sensor). I definitely do the horizontal placement when it’s on my butt, though.

So glad it’s working well for you and that you like it!

Spenser, is 3 inches above your hips on your low back (rather than upper butt)? I switched from upper butt to upper arm because my jeans always seemed to irritate things. Do you feel it when you sit back in a chair with lumbar support?

I posed that question to Helmut and he had a very logical answer: Place it in the direction where it’s easier to pinch the skin. Which is up and down. I’m on the second arm sensor and it has been very successful (once I remembered to be careful when putting on/taking off my shirt!)


I never placed the sensor on my arm. Last week I got an OmniPod. Having both OmniPod and DexCom on my abdomen makes rotation difficult. I tried the OmniPod on the arm but it is too big. I sleep on my arm and it hurts. Now I want to try the DexCom on my arm. How do you do it? With or without help? Where exactly on the arm? The inside seems to be softest with the most tissue but I am not sure whether there is anything in this protected area that I should not hit with the insertion needle. Any words of advice are highly appreciated.

Hi Helmut. I put it about two inches down from the top of my shoulder, towards the back. My husband helps with everything but the insertion of the sensor. I don’t have that much flab but it’s enough to comfortably insert the sensor. I put it on my right arm because I tend to sleep on my left side. I just tried lying down on the right side and it did not feel comfortable to me.

Thanks, Etta.

I just inserted the sensor on my back at the point where my lowest rib is. Very comfortable and easy to reach by myself.