Hyperglycemia Woes

CanI just vent because I’ve been hyperglycemia for 2 days? I can get it down, but I have to override Automode to do it because it’s so freakin conservative.

It started yesterday. The tubing clip got loose and didn’t deliver my lunch bolus correctly. I went up to 400, quickly despite Prebolusing. I struggled to fix it, having taken a correction with the tubing still sitting unhinged. So I got out of automode and dosed. Got back in and it stops giving any microboluses because it’s stupid. It came back down after 5 hours of above 350.

I thought it was a user error on the clip, but noticed it’s sliding around a bit now. And we are driving home from Florida on vacation, supplies buried on the bottom of a luggage pile.

I’ve tried holding it still and giving correction boluses. I’m 275 and have a sensitivity of 1:40. The darn thing gives a correction of 2.2 units (way too little) and it’s still climbing.

I need to make my hubs stop so I can change tubing. Blech!

If I am high I give myself much more than the correction. A correction will take you to target (or not if you are very high) but you have to wait 3 or 4 hours. So I combine the correction with a meal bolus. I then give myself a lot of insulin and don’t eat anything right away. Let the big dose take your high BG down first and then eat. You may eat a little more or less depending on how the overall bolus. Works well for me. Just fon’t wait until it comes all the way to target before you start eating something.

I changed the tubing and just went with a new cannula too. Did a second correction not in automode and it was 4.4 units, so I ended up with enough and it was 84 at 6:30 pm.

I was just so (grumpy from the hyper) but also frustrated with the anemic corrections. You put in your insulin sensitivity for bolus wizard calculations on purpose. The micro-boluses ought to be able to adjust to a correction pattern.

Now, I’m complaining, but I still really like the 670G and I know it’s overly conservative to get FDA approval…this annoyance is worth the mostly good trends I get!

Thats the pits. Can you just do some correction bolus via syringe or does it figure out that its been tricked?

When I am hyper, I go to Reservoir & Tubing, Fill cannula , Fill, and set Fill Amount to the number of units I feel appropriate. However, this only works if everything is in good working order.

Yeah, before Afreeza, I always did an injection if I thought it might be an infusion issue. But with Afreeza is an amazing tool to have for those highs that just won’t budge! Sorry it was such a horrible return trip. Nothing worse than crappy blood sugars and being stuck in the car.

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I do something of the same

Bottom line. When BG is way too high give yourself extra insulin and be ready to eat when it comes down faster.

If its still climbing your basal is probably much too low. It’s possible you can’t observe bolus taking it down because basal is too low and driving it up.