Which infusion set do you use for an extremely active 4 year old? Animas pump

Help please.

I just spent 2 days trying out my son’s orbit micro infusion set. I love it. The needle is smaller than his syringe. Didn’t even hurt, blue tubing is cool, nice short 18" tube etc. The high profile on that thing is killing me though.

How am I going to attach that to a bouncing 4 year old? I can see an arm site but never a leg or bottom site. He would knock that thing around like crazy. I need something as reliable as the Animas Inset 30s, which I have never tried, but the University of Alberta Hospital recommends during transition to the pump.

My 4 yr old boy Payton starts the Animas pump on Aug 24.

Has anyone heard of Contact Detach?

What do you put on your preschoolers?

Does anyone have any tricks to be able to use the Orbit micros safely without risk of it getting knocked around? Just in case someone doesn’t know. The Orbit micro has a steel needle 5.5mm long, 31 gauge (tiny), at a 90 degree angle.

Are teflon canulas better? I guess I will be trying those ones tomorrow.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

Hi, I have a 3 yr old daughter and she’s been using the comfort short on her belly and the inset (23mm) on her bottom.
When I use the inset on her bottom I use IV prep to make it extra sticky (we live in Florida and she spends 2-3 hours on the pool or beach almost every day and it works really good).
I don’t use the IV prep when I put the site on her belly as I have to pull too hard to take it out and her skin is really thin there, so it’s painfull for her.
This 2 infusion sets have been working really good. They both have plastic canulas (I never tried the infusion sets with steel needles yet) … and I never tried the orbit’s…sorry I cannot help you with that…
good luck !!

Great info. I also heard this about the Inset 90s. Why do you have to change it every other day? I forget, is the contact detach metal and 90 degrees as well?

Have you heard about Accu Check Rapid D? Apparently it has th flattest profile of them all.

My daughter is using the Cleo 90 infusion set - 6mm, 24" tubing. We use Skin Tac prior to insertion to make the skin extra sticky and have never had one fail - no kinked cannulas and it has never pulled out or been knocked off. We used to use Remove It or like adhesive solvent to help with removal but now she just peels off the sets on her own - she’s 10. I don’t think that teflon canullas are better - the micro has the finest gauge which is bound to be less painful to put in may be better for the skin but my daughter doesn’t want to switch right now. She likes the Cleo and changing sites every 3 days rather than the recommened 2 with the steel cannula.

Hey There :slight_smile:

My daughter has been pumping for almost 4 years…she began in 2/07 at the age of 3 years.

She wears the regular Insets (NOT the Inset 30’s). We RARELY have a site issue and absolutely love them! MM recently came out with an infusion set almost identical to them – the new MIO’s.

Anyway, good luck on your transition!


Did you start using the contact detach at transition to the pump? What was your first infusion set? My guy is very skinny. I think only his bottom will work. The 90 steel cannulas hurt him on his bottom though. He is going on 2 days wearing the 90 teflon cannula (CLEO) on the back of his arm and he is getting used to the poke and zings he gets when he bumps it. He gets hooked up to the pump tomorrow with Saline and Tue with insulin. I think for skinny kids the 30 degree might be the best but that needle is so large. Arghh!

So I bought some cleos and I have the cleo 90s in his arm right now. Worked better than the Accu check rapid D but honestly, the rapid D was his very first set that I tried on him so it was bound to get a big reaction. I have a box of Micro orbits and I tried one on myself just to see how it felt and I liked it… although 5.5mm to me is nothing compared to a 4 yr old. Thanks for the advice

By regular insets do you mean the Animas Inset 90?

Hmmm…I guess so…but I’ve never heard them called that. They’ve always just been the “Insets”. They do go straight in without an angle, though, so I guess it would make sense.

Anyway, like I said, we’ve hardly ever had an issue with them – even when she was 3 :slight_smile: She used the Cleo initially, because she started pumping with Cozmo. They just didn’t work well for her. About 2 months after she began pumping, we switched to the Inset and it’s been great since!

Payton is getting pain from the Orbit micros sometimes. Although it hurts more initially, I think I will do the Cleo 90s again. It didn’t hurt him at all once it was in. Thanks for the Skin Tac advice.

I was actually thinking of trying Cleo 90s again. What issue did your daughter have with them?


It seemed like her numbers would start to spike around the 36 hour mark with the Cleos. We never made it past 48 hours and it was very frustrating, because it sent us into the trouble shooting spiral every other day … did I miscount carbs? is the insulin overheated? pump malfunciton? … blah, blah, blah – you know the drill :frowning:

She was only about 32 lbs when she began pumping – no fat at all! We just haven’t had ANY issues with the Insets…sometimes I fill her pump up with too much insulin and we’ve gond 5-6 days without any problems.

I am having a heck of a time with sites working! I am currently using the Inset 30 and it works about as good as anything we have tried. My girl is almost 4 and we usually put her site on her tummy, lower back, & sides. Where did your daughter wear hers when she was little?

what about the back of the upper arms? My daughter was 7 when we did that but she was also very thin.

Our issue is with pain and kinking. We use the animas 90 degree insets and lately have noticed a lot of kinking in the stomach area along with more pain in that same area. I am considering trying the Oribit Micro’s which are 5.5 mm and only 31 gauge steel cannula. The one drawback is changing every 2 days BUT a lot of people keep them in for 3 days.

my girl is almost 4. How does your daugher wear her pump when the site is in her arm?

My daughter turned 4 yrs old in September. We use the Accucheck Rapid D steel cannula. The micro orbit was our favourite, but is not covered by our medical plan. We have never tried the teflon cannula and do not plan to. She usually has discomfort and pain the first hour after a site change, then usually nothing. We have only ever used the stomach area and we do site changes every three days. We were doing them ever 2nd day, but her numbers are great and doctor suggested to try three days and it is working great. Our biggest problem is not getting the new site in, it is taking the old site out! Also, she always has residue left on her little tummy and we can never get it out.

Sorry Mikki's Mama, I missed this reply. She still attaches it to her pants with the tube running down under her shirt.

We tried the Orbit and LOVED them but found out my daughter is allergic to stainless steel, go figure. We are not trying the new Spring Infusion sets. One thing that is unique about them is they are spring loaded in both direction, Insertion and retraction of the needle. The first set went in great so we will see.