Infusion Sets for Small Children

My son, Dylan, is 4 years old. He's on an Animas Ping pump. We are having a lot of trouble with his infusion sets, Animas Inset 90 6 mm. We are thinking of switching to the contact detach infusion sets. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

I am a little worried about the steel needle being inserted all the time. I'm afraid it could make him uncomfortable or cause him pain.


You might look at the Orbit Micro with its 31 gauge steel cannula which is very narrow and should mean less pain. We are trying out the Cleo90 right now (with our daughter’s Animas pump). Had a sticking problem and so will try a sticky skin prep.

I have a 3 yr old girl who’s on the Ping too. We’ve been using the inset 6mm.
I usually put the site on the sides of her butt and never had a problem in 2 1/2 years…
I highly recommend them.
You can call the Animas territory manager from your area and ask him/her if he/she can give you a sample to try…
Hope it helps,

yes!!! my son, ben is 3. we have used the contact detach infusion sets since we started pumping 1.5 yrs ago. i love them!

it’s great that i can ‘unplug’ him for his bath or if i have to make changes on his pump that may take a few minutes, i can unplug him…although, we don’t have the ping…just the animas 2020…so i’m not sure if you can make changes via the ‘remote’ on the ping.

anyways, we love the contact detach and highly recommend it!!

also, we use the iv prep swabs pre sticking…and just to be safe, i always cover the ‘needle’ sticky of the contact detach with an iv ‘band-aid’…it’s about a 2x2 clear bandage that covers the site-same thing they put over an iv if you get one in the hospital, to ensre that it doesn’t get pulled out easily… that way if the ‘detach’ part of the infusion set loses it’s stick…which happens a lot with a rowdy 3 year old (!), i don’t worry much about the rest of the site being pulled out, because of the bandage.

i never thought about putting it over the ‘disconnecting’ part of the infusion set…only the ‘needle’ part…thanks for the idea!!