Which Pump

I’m new to the site,but have found so much information already for that I would like to thank everyone.
My son is almost 10 and has had type1 for 5 years. Now we’re considering a pump.We took a introductory class that his endo recommended. Before the class we were really leaning toward the Omnipod but after the class my wife favors the Ping.I still like the pod and my son says he doesn’t care he just wants a pump. He wore the dummy pod for three days and said it didn’t bother him much,but what bothered me is
the pod came loose from the adhesive.
I’ve read alot about this discussion and I hate to beat a dead horse but this is a big choice for us and would really appreciate any help,and I apologize if I did this wrong or in the wrong place.

Thanks everyone for responding.I know in the end it will be our decision but I value all of your opinions because each of you have first hand experience.I really like the sounds of the cgm but have heard horror stories about the accuracy.

Hello, I am new to this site but not to juvenile diabetes. My son who is 7 has had it 4 years now and is on the pump for about 2. He has the animas 2020.Choosing a pump requires a lot of research because even though they all do the same job in the end, they all have their particularities. We chose this pump because it best suited his needs for his age. It is waterproof (tested in pools and ocean),gives the smallest increments of insulin (we found important for young kids), easy to use and tech service is amazing.Like the others said, it is whichever suits him the best for his lifestyle and you the user.The pump will definately benefit his health in the long run and provide him with more freedom.Do take the time to research them all especially for the price they cost you wouldn’t want to make a mistake. I am sure your son will enjoy the fact of not having to give himself multiple injection per day anymore.Take care and all the best with the new and improved lifestyle.

Hi Brad - Sean is 9 and was dx’d when he was 4. He’s been on his pump for ~ 1 yr – we went with the MiniMed Paradigm 522. It’s very user friendly, has child safety settings and Sean can operate it quite well (with our supervision of course). His school nurse really likes it, too. We’ve never had a problem with the infusion set adhesive, even bathing, swimming or rough play/sports. My favorite feature is that the meter that goes with the pump actually transmits the BG number to the pump so it’s right there, ready to calculate your bolus. I know it sounds like a small thing, but it really makes life easier. Our school nurse really appreciates this feaure. She has 4 type 1 students who are pumping under her care this year. She likes our pump the best and has already recommended it to another child’s family based on her use of it.

Sean’s latest a1c was his best ever, and pumping definitely gives the child a greater sense of freedom and independence. From my standpoint, it has been life changing. Good luck with you decision and please let us know if we can offer any more thoughts on the subject.

My son has been pumping for almost 3 years now. We use Animas (which now has the ping–we don’t have that).

I love it. I especially love that it is waterproof.