Which pump?

Trying to decide between the TSlim x2 or the Medtronic 670??? Honestly, I am really struggling. If anyone has either, please give me the pros and cons of each. I will use the CGM with each. I currently have the Medtronic 530g. Before that I had the Animas Ping and their original pump (my favorite pump ever), and can’t remember the brand (26 years ago during pregnancy- wasn’t mini-med). I just want honest opinions about each. Customer service? Accuracy in CGM? Ease of pump use? Any information is appreciated.

I currently have a request in to Tandem for an X2 after having nothing but Medtronic pumps since 1996. Five models. My current model is fine except part of the case just broke at the reservoir area. I’ve seen and read much about the 670 and really don’t want it. I’ve used medtronic sensors and despise them so there is no advantage for me to get the 670. Also, Medicare doesn’t cover that brand of sensor. I hope the X2 works well for me as nothing is perfect and I have some reservations about it. Medicare allows for a 1 year “rental” should I choose to return it anytime before 12 months. That would leave me with little choice but to get a Medtronic pump again–something I’m not keen about. time will tell if I like the X2…

Thanks! Im leaning towards the TSlim. My concern is the charging of the battery. I thinks about my cell phones- the batteries are great when they are new, the older the phone gets, the more I have to charge. I also like the dexacom sensor much better.

True, but if the batteries fail, there is a warranty. I love the G5 but I know it won’t work with the new X2. At some point, Medicare will push me on to the G6 so then it is a moot point.

I would (and did) go with Tandem because of Dexcom as the CGM. Although the Guardian sensors are much better than previous Medtronic sensors, IMO they are not nearly as good as Dexcom. Plus the current 600 series Medtronic pumps are large and bulky.

Sweet spot for the 670G is people who are running A1Cs in the >7.0 range. For many of us already in the low-6’s or better, it’s pretty frustrating, at least as regards auto-mode. If you search on my user name, I have a couple of fairly detailed posts about my experience with it. But there are people who are very happy with it.

  • CGM-wise, I wore both a G5 and Guardian3 for a week and they were about equal in accuracy. The G6 leaves both of them in the dust, though, at least in my experience, and that makes a big difference when you’re talking about a looping system of any flavor.

  • Ease of use: after giving up on 670 auto, I actually went back to my old pager style Paradigm because there was so much less scrolling and button pushing than the 670 required in manual mode. I did have to give up Pause-before-low or whatever that feature is called, but it wasn’t as big a deal for me as for some.

If I had it to do over again, it would be TSlim x2, mainly because of something you don’t ask about: the remote update capability. The fact is that you’re pretty much stuck with whatever firmware version is loaded when you get the 670, so even as they improve how it works (which I assume they will) you won’t have access to those improvements until you’re eligible to replace the whole pump. That’s been true for all these devices—and is monumentally outdated; no one expects to have to replace their whole smartphone just for an incremental OS update—but Tandem has seen the light, which means you’ll be able to experience improvements in the system as they’re developed instead of waiting waiting waiting for your warranty period to lapse. Hopefully others will follow. That plus Dexcom integration is pretty decisive given how amazing the G6 is.


Was that cozmo pump? I’ve heard many users say the same.


@egs. The battery issue is not a problem. At all. If it does become one , Tandem.will replace it under warranty

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For the purposes of balance, from the 670G FB group, I’ll just post this without attribution:

I was diagnosed when I was 13, and for about ten years I was so angry and in complete denial over this disease. It was rare for me to have an A1C that wasn’t in the 13s or 14. I had given up hope. About a year ago I had a near death experience in the hospital that changed my life, thank goodness. I snapped out of it and decided to get my s*!t together. About 4 months ago I started on the 670G, and boy, was it a LIFESAVER (literally). Down from 14 in February 2018, to 7.6 today. I KNOW ITS NOT PERFECT but I couldn’t stop the tears of joy in the doctors parking lot because I am so proud of how far I’ve come. Days like these are what make the 2am lows and the 11am highs SO worth it. Feeling grateful.

Like I say, people struggling to get into the 7s seem to be the real sweet spot for this pump. That’s not trivial, and if you’re in that category it’s definitely worth considering.


Yesterday I read all the studies (that are free to access) on Google Scholar re: Insulin pump hardware failures. In summary, I’d say that it went (best to least good): 1.) T:Slim; 2.) Omnipod; 3.) Medtronic. I think this is pretty common ranking. If you want me to post more specific articles, I can do that later and you can look them over. Have you ever been on a pump before? Whats your current A1c? With loop, I’m noticing a lot of people on pumps that probably dont need to be. If you only have/desire one basal rate, then a pump might provide limited benefits, plus some risks. It really depends on you.

I have the T Slim for 4 years with no problems. Battery seems to charge quickly (while I shower). At this point my warranty has expired but Medicare insists I wait 5 years before I can get a new one. I want it NOW!!! Something is wrong here. Medicare is now making medical decisions!

Example: I have been getting 8 boxes of insulin (3 mo.) for years. I have a G5. They cut me in half which is insufficient and not what by endo ordered. They claim that with a Dexcom, I don’t need to test! Dexcom says otherwise! The thing usually drifts on the first day and often on the last day as well. Dexcom also says DO NOT TREAT without a fingerstick on the G5.

These “decisions” are just plain not valid!

But, I do like the Tandem pump and would like to get the new one and the G6. That will clearly be a fight.


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I have a minimed 670g. i have NOTHING nice to say about it. period.
UHC made a deal with medtronics to buy exclusively from them, so i’m S.O.L.
I sure hope the Tandem brand is GOOD !?

There are a bunch that seem not to like the 670g. if it matters at all I love my Omnipod!:grinning:

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If you want a Tandem X2 with UHC, trying going through Byram. They may be able to push it through.

My understanding with Medicare, is that first year (of MC covered pump), is considered a rental period. Followed by 4 years warranty.

You can call Medtronics and verify, but you likely have one more year warranty.

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Correct, it can be returned within one year if u don’t like it, as it is a “rental” period. Weird, IMO, but true.

I have only ever used Minimed pumps & CGMs. When the first integrated CGM came out I used it and loved it. It worked very well for me. Then the Enlite sensors came out and they sucked horribly. I gave up using a CGM because I didn’t want to carry a separate receiver for the readings. Because of many job/insurance changes over the last several years I had been using a very out of warranty pump. Last year when things settled down I talked to my endo about it. She was really pushing for the 670g and I was unsure. Her second choice was the Tslim & Dexcom. Then Minimed called me for the millionth time and I told them that the Enlite sensors don’t work and they said there were newer sensors for the 670g and they talked me into it.

I’ve been using it since OCtober 2018 and for me, it works very well. I am relieved that the new sensors work just as well for me as the original SofSensors, except I can’t really extend the life of them so I stopped trying. I tried AutoMode only once and hated it so I’m still doing it all manually. I dislike all the button pressing and hate that information is not easy to find like on the older pumps I had.

I was turned off by the rechargeable battery in the Tandem pump. Because I’ve had experiences of needing to switch insurance companies 3 times in less than a year I just don’t ever want to have a pump that might start dying due to a battery that won’t hold a charge any longer. Every so often I put a battery in my original 15 year old MM pump and it still works. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can save my old pumps in case I need them. Last year my 530g suddenly died but I was able to use my Revel while I started the process of getting a new pump.


I just got the tslim about 3 weeks ago, and I have been very pleased with it so far. The basal IQ takes some getting used to, and the insulin takes so long to work for me that I’m still unsure if it’s helpful, but it hasn’t caused problems so I’ll still count that as a win. The charging is fast at the moment, and easy. My only complaint is the inefficiency of the site/cartridge changes. It takes more time and insulin than the medtronic did, but since it only needs to be changed every 3 days, that’s not a huge deal.

I’d not considered the issue of the rechargeable battery going bad in the tandem pump after the warranty runs out. That’s not something to worry about with Medtronic pumps as they use replaceable batteries. I might be getting cold feet about the X2, but since the first year is a rental I guess I’ll try it and if I don’t like it I’ll switch back to Medtronic as quickly as I can. I’m already used to wearing a pump and a receiver, so not having X2/G6 integration isn’t a huge thing for me.

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As far as charging the Tandem pumps, it has never been an issue for me. And I love the fact I don’t need to keep spare batteries everywhere with the Do Not Touch My Pump Batteries sign on them. I charge whenever I’m driving in the car or sitting in the evening watching tv. I also have a portable charger in my purse for a just in case of emergencies. And of course a solar charger in the earthquake kit. Big fear if you lose power but all these portable chargers have taken that fear away.
I do really love my Tandem IQ. My life is so much easier now!

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