Which way do you choose to deal with the D' ......humor, anger, denial, knowledge,?

It has been interesting for me the last few months (as a rookie blogger) to see the many different ways that people deal with this disease. I often see a whole myriad of emotions and ways that people choose as their “style”.
I have always taken the learn more and apply what makes sense to me method of trying to aggressively manage this disease. I find humor and a focus on the positives of life also help me to find joy in life.
What is your normal way of coping with the disease…is it denial, humor, anger, immersion in data… What’s your style…?

At first anger then denial and for the last 30 years nothing but humor. I mean you really have to laugh at those '‘perfect’ ppl right? and at yourself too!

Oh and I forgot to say knowedge always knowledge. Knowing what to do after you go the gabit of emotions always helps you tremendously!!

I don’t get angry that i have it, i get angry or mostly mad at the lack of listening i get form the doctors that are supposed to be treating me. I mean how can they know what to do for something when they don’t listen to the symptoms of the problem? I ralize I am just a “dumd blond, lay person” in their mind, but I really don’t keep my IQ in my chest thank you very much! I would just once like to be takien seriously when talking to a doctor or a lawyer! Sometimes it is so disgusting that they think they know more than you just because they went to school for being a doctor, but I think they forget that people aren’t stupid just because they have more education than them, some of us do have a college degree to, and there is the common sense thing that people have that sometimes to be honest educated people have forgotten, it they ever knew!
Ao angry ,no, denial does no good to anyone, in order to deal you have tro acknowledge it, humor, most of the time, hey if I can laugh at me being the “dumb blond with a big chest” i can laugh at most anything. lol. it is always nice to have your chest enter the room before you do and then freak them out with a good brain…lol. well, thanks for letting vent and take care all.

All of the above at some point or another. Now it’s mostly humor - like how my hubby and I always joke that I’m keeping him around because I want to harvest his pancreas and kidneys - that one just never gets old! Knowledge has always been a biggie with me, even when I wasn’t taking care of myself, I still read about it and tried to stay informed. I just had issues with applying the knowledge. I now rely very heavily on a positive attitude. I figure if I did everything I did to myself that I shouldn’t have done for so many years, there’s a reason why I’m even still alive and in surprisingly decent health, so I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity I really didn’t even earn.

All ofthe above, but mostly knowledge and knowledge sharing. I am very open about the D, shoe anyone interested pump senmsor and expanation of howit all works…and not.

Anyone who knows me knows better than to ask a question nthey don’t want an answer to, those who don’t well too bad.

So depends on the day,sometimes the hour, where I am in the spectrum of emotions re D.

I am presently very frustrated, so we will se after I see my endo on Tues…

Humor! Always humor…it makes me feel better and i read it releases chemicals in the body that improves health. I also enjoy spreading the humor with good natured practical jokes…noone around me is safe he he he

Can I say I’ve experienced all of them? But now I would call myself: Humorous, factual, educator and kind of matter-of-fact about it. And I must say proud. Proud to lead by example, help others and be one that can handle and take care of this disease. I’m glad you asked the question because I had not given it a lot of thought, and I’m proud that I attack this disease positively. Of course, the support of my family and friends has always given me strength to work hard on it.

I’ve changed a lot in the way I deal with it. I think I’m still changing. I was initially very open about it (then again I was 7 lol) but after going through a lot of bullying over it in primary school, I went into complete denial in secondary school. Since starting university I’ve become a lot more open about it, and I’m very into finding out as much as I can about it. I think feeling like I have more knowledge about something I deal with 24/7 makes me feel more in control. Humor plays a big part too though. I’ll be the first person to laugh at something idiotic I’ve done in the middle of a hypo. Then there’s anger…I do get angry sometimes, and go through spells of being very down about it all. Sometimes I can just have a bad day, other times it goes on for a few months where I just get mad and upset about it all…but overall, I think knowledge about it, the ability to laugh and allowing yourself to have those angry spells is the best way to cope for me!