Whining about being approved?

Well my insurance approved the insulin pump and 346.14 a month for supplies. I’m excited, but a little disappointed. They haven’t approved full coverage of the pump, I would still have to pay 600 out of pocket.

Maybe I’m acting like a spoiled brat but I don’t want to pay the 600 out of pocket. I have 100% coverage on all my other meds, I just don’t want to spend the money. I am luckier than most, I have full coverage and the insurance company will cover 91% of the pump…also the government of Ontario just decided to cover all insulin pumps for adults. So I do have another option so I won’t have to pay the 600 bucks.

The only problem is I have spent the last month going thru this whole insurance process. Now I’m going to have to go thru another month maybe two of paperwork and crap to get approved by the government. You also have to go thru a monitored 90 day trial on top of the paperwork process.

I shouldn’t ■■■■■ and moan!! “Shut up Sonia!!!” I am so lucky, really I am. I can go thru the waiting game but most likely in the end I will have a pump at no cost to me.

This blog is just for me to vent. I can look back at it and read it and realize I am acting like a child that is not getting her way!

I’m approved yippy, it may work out all for the best in the end.

One step closer to getting a pump…