Hooray! Today I got a call from Omnipod saying that my insurance approved my request for their system! And the best news is that I am covered at 100% because due to my surgery in January, I met my out of pocket max this year (bad that I met it in January already but good that I’m done paying) so everything including the pods, insulin, and strips are going to be covered. So up next is that I have to set up an appointment with an educator. I was hoping that I could bring it to my appointment with my Diabetes Educator on Thursday, and they are overnighting it at no charge, but I just found out that my appointment isn’t enough to cover enough details on how to wear it :frowning: And I have homework from that appointment before I am allowed to use it anyway (homework, lol). But overall, great news!

Next up… CGM! :wink:

Congrat hon. I am hoping to get on the pump myself. I am waiting to make my max also. And it’s getting close!
Please let me know how it goes!

Hoorah! Enjoy!