Who else experiences low body temperature?

I did a quick search on the site and found a few threads where low or inconsistent body temperature was mentioned but none that discussed the topic specifically so I figured I’d ask who else experiences it.

Personally I never paid much attention to my body temperature (have always run in the low 98s) but recent events (emergency appendectomy and subsequent abscess) prompted me to monitor it.
Following the initial appendectomy I was advised to keep an eye out for a fever as it would indicate I had developed an infection. Sure enough a couple days after leaving the hospital my temperature rose to ~100 and wouldn’t come down for days. Eventually it spiked to 102.5 which took me back to the hospital for a second surgery to deal with an abscess. During that whole period my body temperature hovered between normal (98.6, which I guess for me is actually a fever) and the high of 102.5.
Since then, due to a small bit of paranoia on my part, I’ve monitored my body temperature and find most of the time it ranges between the low 96s and high 97s. I haven’t seen it in the 98s since the abscess was cleaned up.

I even started believing the thermometers I was using were defective (3 different digital units, 2 mouth models and an ear model). Turns out they’re fine I just run cold.

Finally I did some research online and found a few articles that associated T1 diabetes (actually insufficient insulin) with low body temps in animals.

So, does anyone else here have the same issue and is it something I should be worried about?
I’ve had tests performed that check my thyroid function, they’ve all come back normal so far, but they were all done before the appendectomy and follow on issues.


For some folks symptoms of low thyroid begin well before the labs reflect the loss of function - that said I have run cold if my BG was rising or high and hot when approaching a low. At diagnosis while in DKA apparently I began to loose core body temp.

My body temperature has often been low, sometimes very low. Lately it seems to be about 97 degF. I have awoken in the morning with my temperature as low as 93 degF. A common reason for this is thyroid problems as @Bowie suggests. Nothing was ever found really off with my thyroid.

I’ve had low(ish) body temperature more or less my entire life, along with low blood pressure. I think I normally run in the 96.0-97.0 range. Just chocked it up to variance. My wife and son’s temps also seem to vary a bit (on the low side) from normal.

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It’s interesting you mention low blood pressure, I’m the same way.
My “normal” resting blood pressure generally falls into the 100/60 range.

While I was in the hospital for the appendectomy I made a comment at one point about it being low and that I might be a bit dehydrated. The nurse I was talking to responded that it was great and she wished hers was as low.
Ok, well next time you stand up too fast and get a major head rush you might think twice about that. :slight_smile:

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Also important to understand that 98.6 is just he average normal body temp… it’s not like everyone’s temp should be pegged at that point… it’s just an average normal. My normal temp is always lower than average normal. I’m also taller than the average normal height.

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My normal body temperature is usually 96.7 to 97.0. So when mine is 98.6, for me that is a fever. Your post is very interesting as I never had thought of it in terms of what it might mean coupled with diabetes.

My average body temperature has always been below the stated norm. I have hypothyroidism, but even when my thyroid numbers are find, my temp is low. I also have very low blood pressure. Another weird thing is that doctors very often can’t find my reflexes. Sometimes makes me wonder if this body I walk around in is really alive.

I often have lower body temp and I think it may be related to hashimotos and raynaud’s syndrome.

I also have Raynaud’s.

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My temperature is usually 97 degrees, though at times it’ll be 96 degrees, and several times it’s been 95 degrees. I have Graves’ disease, so while it may be a thyroid issue, Graves’ disease means my thyroid hormones are actually too high, so my temperature theoretically should be hotter if it’s due to that. I’ve also always had a lower temperature, while thyroid issues developed as an adult. So I think my body temperature is just naturally a degree or so lower than average.

My body temp is always in the 95-97.5 range. When I feel hot and test it is usually in the 96 range. My kids are the same way and never had a fever much above 99 even when they were deathly sick. I also have Labile BP where it drops from high to low very quickly. My thyroid always tests in th slow normal range. I can’t get my Endo to test anything but TSH.

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My “normal” body temp is dyslexic: 96.8 F. TFTs were WNL last time I checked. Then again, I am only a “carrier” of multiple alleles “responsible” for my daughter’s Type 1.

Woah, abusing “air quotes” today I am.

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