Who here lives low carb?

I've been livin low carb for 3.5 years now (ever since my diagnosis) and have been on insulin for 2.5 of them. I never eat over 20-30 carbs a day. I feel great and never have to take even an entire unit of insulin at any given time. Anyone else here been living low carb?

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The difficulty with your question, Lil MaMa is everyone defines low carb differently. Some define it strictly as "Bernstein low carb" of 30 grams a day (or less). Others define it as 50 carbs, some as "under 100" and I've heard people stating they eat "low carb" who define 150 carbs that way as it is significantly lower than the typical American diet. Personally I reserve the term "Low Carb" for Bernstein under 30 grams a day. I refer to anything between 30 and 100 where I've set my own intake at various times as "lower carb" or "moderate low".

My guess is since you listed your own carb intake as 20-30 a day that your question of "who here lives low carb?" refers specifically to that level of consumption and you might want to make that clear. Sorry if I sound picky but I just wanted to clarify what you're asking before it goes all into the discussion of "What IS low carb?" (which it may anyway!)

Yes you are exactly right Zoe!! I'm curious as to who has been low carb 10-40 carbs day or Dr. Bernstein for any substantial amount of time and what their experience has been :)

It sounds from your insulin usage that you've been able to prolong your honeymoon. I'd venture to say that your carb consumption has played a part in that.

I'm a T2 not on insulin and eat 30 to 50g/day. I just passed my 4 year anniversary of low carbing (by my definition anyway). I arrived at this level in response to observing what different foods did to my blood sugar and eliminating the problematic ones(the usual suspects sugar, grain, beans etc.) It's hard to rack up a lot of carbs when your main source is broccoli squash etc.

The ADA says people like us don't exist because a low carb diet is too hard to stay on. But for me it's not a problem it's just how I eat. I like good meter readings and dislike bad ones and that for me is sufficient motivation not to cheat. I feel good and see no reason not to keep with the program indefinitely.

I remember what a tough time you had after your diagnosis and am glad you've gotten things under control. Congratulations, we all know the hard work it took.

Low carb for just a few months. Intake about 30 + 6 CHO.
Feeling awesome! It's actually fun playing with the meter and reading good numbers now!

What do you eat every day? Can you give us an example of a daily menu? I've read Bernstein but have trouble seeing how you can only eat 20-30.

On the Internet there are a lot of so called "low-carb" recipes but I'd like to hear how you put it together in one day. I manage to eat 50-70 carbs a day myself.

i eat about 100 a day i suspect, and would like to go lower, as i think it would be healthier for me. i second the request for the example of a day with 20 or thirty carbs. my downfall is fruit and chocolate. as soon as i start with those squares of chocolate, im hopeless to stop!!

I did 30g per day for 3 months or so but felt too hungry and I increased it. Now I do around 50g per day and I consider that to be low carb. Most people in the US eat more than 30-50g per meal so I see 50 per day as low, or even under 100. It has helped me but to be honest I wouldn't be eating low carb if I could manage my bg better on a higher carb diet. I like the food I eat but there are lots of things I miss alot and just having the freedom to eat what I want whenever. Better bg management was the main reason for me to change. But I still have lots of fluctuations and had them even on 30g per day, but I'm more stable overall. I was using lower insulin bolus at first, but not as low as you, I think I was using 1-3.5 units for meals then and now I'm using more(3-6) since over time my body needed more for protein and fat and other things like wine. Lately though I have needed less insulin again and I'm trying to decrease without spiking due to unexplained lows. I can't remember exactly what I ate for 30g, but it was not that different from what I eat now, just different portion sizes mostly.

didn't you say you you were spiking up to 200 with any carbs. it seems you've made yourself very carb sensitive, no? and thus, aren't you having to bolus for protein anyway? i low carb, about 60 per day but I have to bolus for protein and everything now. i had 1 small grilled pork chop, 1/2 c. steamed broccoli and 5 grams fresh strawberries (typical meal) and still spiked because I didn't bolus for protein..so, in the end, what's the difference? analog insulin works better with carbs...that's what they're designed to do. Not sure what you mean, 'never have to give an extra unit'? we need what we need, no?

Hi, I have been low carb for the past few years as well. To me low carb means avoiding the usual culprits (breads, pastas, rice, cereal, most fruits and all refined sugars). In the past year or so I have definitely noticed that protein has become a big issue. Just a small piece of chicken on salad can send me up to the 200...I often find myself avoiding big proteins and having a somewhat vegeterian day....which is not the most convenient thing when trying to avoid carbs. Not all proteins though, I feel that eggs and greens are my "safe foods".

I went low carb (<30 net carbs/day) and TAG in April. Have lost 32 lbs. A1c dropped to lowest in 42 years. Also switched to Lantus twice a day. I "replaced" the carbs with fat - so am shooting for a ketogenic diet. I love it! I can cruise for days between 80 and 110 and feel terrific. I do test my bg more 8-10 times a day, since this was all new to me. Part of the reason for the switch is that when I began trying to lose weight, I started testing more. While I was usually in range at mealtimes, the chart showed routine "camel's humps" between meals. I started experimenting and noticed the meal carb content, particularly from bread, was a major factor is the onset and height of the hump. Not advocating anyone else follow this path but it is working for me. I realize part of my feelings relate to the weight loss - but it is really cool to look at a bg of 69 and know it is not going to drop any more. I can sit on that for hours and let fat metabolism provide my energy needs.

what are you eating fat wise? everything i try to eat as fat ends up having too much protein. its hot as hell here but i cant freeze a stick of butter into an ice pop. what can i eat that wont count as protein/make my bg rise?

congrats on the weight loss and fabulous steady numbers-i want those numbers! and so when you are able to hang out in the 70s and just cruise? amazing!

Thanks, Cream cheese, everything cooked in butter, bacon, a variety of cheeses, grilled peppers stuffed with cream cheese, etc.

I have not found the perfect recipe resource but have used:
Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes (I was trained as a scientist - not recipes but helps you understand what is what)
Fat Fast Cookbook by Dana Carpenter, et al
Why you're fat - A complete guide to the ketogenic diet by Norman Craiger.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you start down this path you will need to recalibrate you ISF and ICF (several times). Also proteins and fats metabolize much slower that carbs so you may have to delay your bolus slightly depending on which insulin you use.

By the way, earlier in my diabetic hobby I was the prototypical angry, depressed rebellious victim. So for those who might think it is hopeless - it doesn't have to be.

thanks beechbeard, im off to the us in two days and will defo pick up the carpenter and craiger book. i read the taubes book last summer but it was borrowed form the library. will have to get a copy for myself and reread-it was eye-opening.

I have been averaging about 80 - 100 carbs a day for years as I lost 106 pounds. My body LOVES it. Very, very steady blood sugar and high energy (for me). The eating every 2.5 - 3.5 hours has been key too. So I am considered low carb, but high compared to you. I have not been eating ANY sugar -- even onions and peas are not on this plan. I am (VERY VERY slowly) working in some berries (it's summer in Washington). When I have gone off plan, and really mucked it up -- past for dinner and desert (YEOW) -- I have had very high readings for me (up to 200). After eating this way for so long, it has become a habit. And I actually kind of enjoy my veg heavy diet. I do between 60 - 80 grams of protein a day. Once I got into fat burning (took five hard days), I felt so much better than I had for a very long time. At 20 -30 a day, you are definitely in ketosis (at my range, very mild and would switch back from very mild to not measurable), but I was in fat burning for sure. I am extremely grateful that I made the switch; my plan is Take Shape for Life, and I think it has saved my life. 106 pound loss is something; still more to go, but, wow. So you have a sister in low-carn living Lil.

Not me. I've had T1 for 38 years, average 150 or more carbs per day. My weight is fine, I feel great and I take insulin every day to survive, just like I would have to if I ate 0 g carb per day. I need to take insulin, so I may as well eat foods I like and foods I think are healthy for me. "Cream cheese, everything cooked in butter, bacon" may work for you, but I would rather be able to eat tomatoes, corn, whole grain bread, melon, peaches, etc., etc.

So in my twisted part of the world, 150 g of carbs/day in a 3000 calorie/day diet works out to 20% of calories from carbs. That is a low carb diet.

And I've followed a low carb diet since 2006 with great success.

ps. And I'd gladly take all your cream cheese, butter, bacon, brie, coconut and olive oil if you won't need it.

I've limited myself to 80 carbs a day for more than 6 years. It works out well for me.


Not low carb myself but inspiring to hear of others doing it. LiL Mama, according to dieticians in the US, living within 30g carbs daily for 3.5 years, you'd be dead by now, lol.

I believe in eating a healthy diet of mixed foods without imposing absolute restrictions. The number of carbs I eat per day varies. But 150 or more means I'm usually in the 150 to 250 range. I've never counted the total number of calories I eat so not sure about percentage. I do think I eat substantially less carb than the average american eats, and I certainly avoid refined sugars and white flour more than the average american. BTW, I consider my diet in line with what the ADA recommends with their plate method. If you want to call that low-carb that's fine, but it certainly isn't what anyone else who has posted in this thread has meant.

You used to say you followed Bernstein. Bernstein is all about prohibiting a large number of foods and whole food groups such as fruits. A follower of Bernstein is allowed to eat no more than 30 grams of carb per day under any circumstances. This would be less than 4% of calories from carbs for your example. Have you given up on his radical teachings yet?

ps. I won't trade all those foods since I eat some of them every day, but you're welcome to all the cream cheese and coconut oil I'm not eating if you'll trade me all the fresh fruit and vegetables you're not eating. Maybe we can reach an agreement after all ;)