Good carb free drinks?

Has anyone found any good tasting reasonably priced beverages that are carb free? Diet pop is good but I get tired of it and it's quite honestly not healthy! Non diabetics can just go grab a sweet tea, or gatorade and not worry about it. Good tasting, healthy, not too pricey drinks anyone?

I drink unsweetened herbal iced tea. It comes in lots of different flavors so you can find ones you like best and you can make a large jug of it to have in the fridge. At night, feel free to enjoy wine with your meal if that is something you like - unless you drink really sweet wine (which is not very good anyway!) it has no effect on your blood sugar in moderate amounts. Coffee as well is carb free. The problem with coffee is the milk. I used to add 5 carbs for my morning cappuccino and a little bit in my eggs. Now I've switched to unsweetened almond milk which has no carbs. It takes some getting used to but now I like it.

I used to enjoy crystal light, but then I found out that it was making me not feel so great, kind of nauseated. I bought some new flavored bottled water today, I will let you know.

There's this stuff called Nuun that's carb free. It's like Gatorade, full of vitamins, etc. but no carbs. I get it at running stores, I think they might have it at places like REI too. It comes in tubes and is big fizzy pills like alka selzer. They have a lemon tea flavor that's awesome. The running store that sponsors the group I run with leaves tubes out by the water jugs on some of the long runs. It's good stuff!!

similar to what AC mentioned : another electrolyte drink tablets brand is GU Brew , naturally sweetened , peach tea, light tasting , low cal ...

Target has some fantastic carbonated waters. My favorite is the Fuiji Apple

I squeeze some lemon in my water, not a enough to count carbs. I like sun tea, also with lemon squeeze. Snapple has some good diet drinkables.

I make my own soda with soda stream- I put all sorts of flavors in, usually lemon or lime,teas etc. sometimes I add stevia to sweeten it.. it's totally carb free and inexpensive. I usually drink plain, filtered water, different teas and sometimes almond milk. I recently saw a bottled tea which had no sweeteners at wholefoods, but I can't remember the brandname, I think they have a few there.

and I drink a lot of plain H2O :)

I wouldn't use the bottled teas because they often have artificial sweeteners. You can get herbal tea in boxes such as Celestial Seasonings brand and just make your own - no sugar and no artificial seasonings, just tea and you can make sun tea.

I agree zoe, but this tea, and some others at wholefoods had no sweeteners at all, not even stevia... which is great, I just can't remember the name.. but of course it costs 1.99 per bottle.. so it's still just cheaper to make it yourself, and you don't have to worry about plastic etc.

Oh that's good then...except for the cost. I eat lunch at home most of the time so I can save money with pitchers, but it's good they have tea you can get when you're out that doesn't have any sweetener.

A lot of dollar stores carry all flavors of drink powder in packet sugar free but tastes awesome

It's important to read labels on "sugar free" items.. I have picked up things that said "sugar free" in large letters but upon reading the ingredients they contained things like dextrose, sucrose and maltose (spelling?). Translation: sugar. Also some "sugar free" things are, ironically, high in carbs.

That's true Zoe, My wife will sometime bring Sugar Free things from the grocery store. She means well but some of those thing I will not eat.

I used to like crystal light, but I found it was giving me headaches and making me feel drowsy. When I want something sweet, I either drink diet Snapple (from Costco, so it could be worse), or diet Vitamin Water. I don't like Gatorade or any of those drinks.

Alternatively, I do drink iced tea with Splenda. I like it very strong and very sweet, but that's just me. That's the nice thing about making it yourself--adjusting it to what you want.

This is a problem for me too. I live on Coke Zero. An alternative that I try to drink more regularly is Rooibos (or Red Bush) tea. It's from South Africa and appears to increase insulin sensitivity. I just wish I could buy it chilled in big bottles, instead of having to drink it hot! I'm not a fan of hot beverages.

Can't you make sun tea from it, Megan? Just stick the tea in a large container and let it brew in the sun, then stick it in the fridge.

wow, thats a cool idea! i could do that here, its a gazillion degrees! rooiboos is yummy, didnt know it might increase insulin sensitivity. gonna try it in the sun.

I drink Ocean Spray Diet Blueberry juice. It is sweetened with Splenda. It has negligible amount of calories. Tastes great on the rocks and is very good for your health as well.