Who Influenced You to Blog?

Who was the very first person that influenced you to blog? I want to hear everybody’s thoughts on this. I am at a social media conference and the keynote was talking about being an influencer, so now I am curious to see who those people are in the diabetes community. My guess is that the major influencer here is going to be Manny, which is clear that Manny is an amazing influence to people.

But are there others?

I don’t blog regularly (rather interact on Forums on TuD), but my connection to the diabetes online community was through Diabetes Mine. I loved the informative nature of the posts!

here is a list of TuD’s favorite links and blogs.

Bloggers aren’t so hard to influence! haha find a computer nerd and really get on his nerves. Oh, he will blog. But seriously, i don’t think a great blogger would influence me to blog. It’s just a great way to express yourself and feel supported, it’s whatever i’m thinking or feeling that’s going to influence me to blog =)

For me it was some of my first friends…Robyn.Teena Swagger,Patti Lopez…Also some of the first people to welcome me here on Tud… I don’t Blog to much…i am mostly a participant in posting on bloggs…and pictures–specially doggie pics.

Marie B , re TU’s favourite links etc : I found under " Other great diabetes sites " : peoplewithdiabetes.ca …I have not visited this site for some time ( actually I forgot my log in name ) …I clicked on this and voila …my story done by Sandy Struss ( from Vancouver, Canada . living with type 1 diabetes ) several years ago is still posted .Never expected this and am tickled peach

Here is the link to Nel’s story. Nel, I knew you were “way above average”, but I did not realize by how far way above!

My brother prodded me into action really, and then reading some of the blogs here I thought oh hell why not then ; ]

I started “blogging” before the term blogging was coined I’ve been keeping an online written journal of some sort since 1993. Though I’ve been keeping an electronic journal since 1984 when I got my folks got our first computer. Chuckles I still have on 800k disks some of my first journal entries and on a couple 1.44s I’ve got some of my first “blogs” that I ever posted (I’ve moved most of my early 1.44 entries to my current online blog)

I am at loss for words Marie B and Danny except to say : Thank You for your very kind words …I chuckled , when I read this and now my BG is up …have to go for my walk for at least 2 reasons : continue my 1/2 M training for next Sunday and get that number down …
So maybe Sandy Struss was my influencer to become a bit more computer savvy .

Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate it. I started blogging just as a way to get my feelings out and from reading other blogs, it answered a lot of questions that I had. I thought that if I could blog everyday and just help one person with a problem they may be having then it is all worth it to me.