Post to Diabetes Bloggers

My post about "Clarifying our message as diabetes bloggers" is getting a lot of views but I haven't seen any comments and I'm curious, what are people's feedback and opinion on this?

Here's the post:

I looked it it when I saw this post this morning but I don't generally blog or follow blogs that much as I find the synthesis that can be created on message boards to be more interesting? A lot of the blogs put out interesting ideas, and people comment on it but then, two days or two weeks later, there's another one, not a big "conclusion". I guess message boards can drift around too, e.g. some of the threads that have lingered on Tu longer than I have, but there seems to be more dialogue w/ message boards. I've done two other things online, read about guitar amps and fantasy baseball/ football and I also found message boards to be more useful for those activities. If I need to know who which 2B to drop, a blog is only one point of view but a board can get some dialogue going so you can make a more informed decision. I think the same thing applies to many of the diabetes questions. It's perhaps easier to say "my blog" because people know what you are talking about and may be a bit fuzzy about "I'm hanging out on a message board" but, in terms of my experience, that's what I've found.

Sysy, Good afternoon!
I have read quite a bit of "thegirlsguidetodiabetes" and your blog.My feelings about blogging are just that they be honest and trueful! Of course, it's just one person trying to express how they feel at a given moment in time. I started my blog here after reading a couple of blogs, both by young men and women with Type One Diabetes. They affected me greatly, one because I was feeling lonely, and two, ashamed that I had escaped those problems early in my life. Brave, extremely in control young kids; to be admired, kids with a horrible, incurable, disease. It made me sad, and I came across in my first attempt to "blog" my feeling as a weak, old man. IMHO. Based on some of the comments from fellow diabetics. When I later found out that this blog could be Google referenced out in the open internet, I changed my settings here, and erased that blog. So, that being said, I still think "blogs" about anything are informative, and I will continue to read any that I find, I realize that they are just one person's view and feeling at the time of posting. Your blog, and your sister's work are important, continue the effort. I for one greatly appreciate your knowledge and honesty.
Best regards,