Burger King Salad--don't Laugh---It was surprisingly good

It sounds silly, I know. We never ate much fast food, but when necessary, we preferred Whopper-type meals years ago. Needless to say, I’ve just stayed away since dx.

On a recent road trip, due to a tight schedule, etc, we needed to make 2 fast-food-type stops and I wanted salads. For the first, we tried a MacD—pretty yucky with slimy old greens and nachos on top which they didn’t tell me about (my sweetie picked them all out for me) and the chicken kind of soggy.

Second stop the next day we went with Burker King and I was wowed. Greens nice and fresh in base container. Compartementalized holder separate, on top of greens with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese in separate compartments. Croutons in separate bag–WITH carb counts (I could have a few!). And nicely grilled chicken in yet another separate bag. So you can mix it as you wish and everything is less likely to go soggy and yucky.

I have been delighted at restaurants now, how easy it is to order a sandwich or hamburger “hold the bun” and nobody bats an eye. I carry my 4-carb flax pitas with me, always. But was unsure about such a manuever at a standard fast food outfit.

Anyway, I am perhaps naive, but it is so lovely to find a way of eating at these places when necessary.

Anybody tried the newish Grilled chicken at KFC—is that a possibility when it is necessary?

Best to all…Judith

Kfc= salty and gross. Try the salads at Wendy’s or the low carb burger at Carls Jr.

I’ve had good luck with salads at several fast food places. The salad dressings, however, have sometimes been problematic. I’m going to try Burger King next time the need arises.

I think more fast food restaurants are trying to offer higher quality healthier alternatives. There are some places like NYC which have really cracked the whip. But of course, you can squeeze in one place and it just comes out in another. Check out this other Burger King “offering.”

ps. My favorite road trip restaurant is Cracker Barrel. Good down home southern cookin, where every veggie has some meat and they have a separate listing of low carb items.

I do like Burger King, I find their burgers are much better than McDonalds. I just eat the normal Whopper without the bun.

My other favourite fast food joint is Nando’s. Spicy South African-Portuguese piri piri grilled chicken which you can have with sides of your choice. Coleslaw and salad are the lowest carbs ones, but I usually opt for spicy rice and coleslaw and eat half of each, for a total carb count of 23 which is not too bad I think?

They are clearly going after the low-carb crowd with all that meat!!

Thanks for the heads-up on the salad! I am sure we’ll be going back to BK when Breaking Dawn comes out for more free vampire/ werewolf stuff!

Interesting. I’d never heard of Nando’s. It turns out there are four restaurants in the US, all in my area, not the best option for a road trip, but certainly an option for adventure. I’ll have to try it.

LOVE Cracker Barrel. Their catfish is yummy. Really tough to stay away from (or limit) the cornbread and biscuits, they just call my name!

Try the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad at Wendy’s. It is REALLY good!

bsc, I can’t recommend Nando’s highly enough. Do give it a try, the chicken is absolutely addictive, and I could lick the hot sauce off the plate. The hot sauce has some carb in it, but the hottest of the lot packs a real kick so a little goes a very long way!

Food discussions here are very useful. Great place to get new ideas, as well as ways to handle difficult situations.

Ooo, that sounds delicious. Wish there was a Nando on my road trips Boring eating bunless burgers & naked grilled chicken. Glad to know there are some good salads out there.

This sounds great. No BK in town, but she does like their nuggets. We all love salad. Have seen the grilled chicken at KFC but we usually go next door to the supermarket and pick up a Rotisserie, will go to KFC to pick up mashed potatoes and gravy to go with it. Remember, we are not low carbers, at least not yet. The grilled at KFC looks okay; has the grill marks on the chicken breasts.