Who supports you and your diabetes?

I went to my endo today and he asked me who helps support me with my daily diabetes issues. I had to honestly tell him “no one”. Just me. He just gave me a look and I started feeling sorry for myself. For all the years I’ve had diabetes (20) I prided myself on being able to handle it alone. Now I am wondering if that is truely a good thing or not? Truthfully, since finding TuD I have felt so much better. My husband loves me but takes ZERO interest in anything diabetes. Same with all of my friends and family. I’m not sure if they think I don’t want support or if I just give off the vibe of don’t ask, I’m not telling??? Just wondering how you all feel about this issue? Thanks!

I take care of my diabetes. I get the food police all the time from some family members. Other than that my son (a type 1) and my youngest daughter (wheat, gluten and fructose intolerant) are the best for me. They never question my decisions but if they are going to be bringing me something they will ask what “I” want. The support I get from our family on here is all I want or need otherwise. I have talked to my doctor about TuDiabetes and he is very happy about it. He often tells me this is why he feels I am doing better than any of his other patients with my diabetes. Of course that makes me feel good

Wow, sorry julie =/. This made me realize how good I have it though, I have all my Family and girlfriend and her parents.


I get support from my Husband:) he doesn’t play food police but he let’s me know when I’ve gone overboard…LOL he helps me put my pod on listens to me talk about all things diabetes…ie TuDiabetes, my blog and health central. He says Diabetes is my passion.
My family and co workers are supportive. Tudiabetes as a whole…very supportive!!!

You so describe my life before I met my husband three years ago and before I joined TuDiabetes this last summer. It’s not that anyone was particularly UNsupportive. It’s just that I was very much going it alone - thinking I had a decent handle on it and not “letting” it affect my life or those closest to me. I now know that it was a somewhat reckless and uneducated attitude toward diabetes, back-burnering many of my specific health needs for the sake of the “important stuff” I would rather focus time and energy on.

I was treading water just fine, but now I have a rowing team and the boat goes so much more swiftly!

My hubby of 24 years, the SUPPORTER . I was diagnosed in 1983 with type 1 before we were married in 1985 and were living together …he knew about the challenges then . Followed by a diagnosis of breast cancer in 1984 , modified mastectomy …he always considerd himself a boob man …what can I say : …no more . I am off to Disney World , Jan. 08 and even tonight at the supper table we discussed ( he started the conversation !!) pump set changes while I am away doing " my" thing : a half marathon with Team Diabetes Canada . I give him credit for me being astowed with the 2008 Canadian Diabetes Association Volunteer of the year Award …Gordon is my HERO .

I have always been independent in handling my diabetes. but i have always had support from my family. they never really ask me about my diabetes unless i’m acting “not myself”…other than my family no one really takes an interest. teacher’s in highschool just didn’t want me “to die” in class. that was their only concern!

All of us need friends and family for support.Diabetes need support from every body around you to help you help your self.This community is great as you see Julie.We have support groups for our patients,we connect groups of patients and their families together so they can keep on touch away from hospital.It is working nicely.

Hi there!!!

It is not a bad thing being the only person to take responsibility for your diabetes. I have always taken responsibility on my own. My parents never gave me shots even. I have always done that myself. Very few people even know I have diabetes. Nobody I work with knows and no friends I have made since junior high know. I even dated a girl for 8 months and never told her!!! lol…So it is OK to have it be “just your thing”. It will make you stronger!!!

You deserve a pat on the back Julie…on the contrary, I admire you for “handling” the situation yourself. My husband supports me all the way…From the time I discovered I was diabetic last year to reminding me to take my medication sometimes. Sometimes I get nagged by my Mom (A dietary nutritionist by profession) and my sister ( a physician). Does it sometimes get into my nerves??? The answer is yes. However, maybe thats how they show me they support and care for me. People reacts differently and sometimes annoying or funny to a diabetic family or friend. Some freinds seems not to mind me nor care… only to find out they do so as not to alienate me or make me feel indifferent. Oh well. So be proud Julie…Id love to be a friend, who would care and support.

Thank you for all of your responses! I’m so glad to see that so many of you have such great support on a day to day basis. There seems to be a few people who also feel like I do: independant in the support arena. I can’t say that I really am proud of that. I just never acknowledged it until now. I almost yearn for someone (husband) to ask me how things are going. I don’t think its because he doesn’t care…I just think it’s easier for him to ignore it. ??? This is a whole separate issue that I won’t go into here!
Ah, never a dull moment in the day in the life of a person living w/ diabetes :wink:

This is such a good analogy! I have also realized that by being secretive about my D, I can then be as bad as I want… Not such a good idea. Plus by not being open with family and friends, their comments and concerns remain annoying and off the mark!

Dear Julie.

This web site.

No one supports me. With my friends, I guess it is my choice because I do not ask for help.
With my family, it is their fear. I come from an extended family of over 30 type 1’s, several who have had horrible complications and died long slow deaths. I know my parents were terrified when I was diagnosed as a teenager. I wanted to spare them, so we never talked abou it. My siblings are in denial and don’t want to be reminded of the potential devastation this condition can cause.
But I do feel a very strong and comforting kinship with my online friends - understanding from people who are walking the path. For this I am thankful.

The wife supports me. That poor woman. I mean three times in tow weeksif she had not been here when I had lows I would have been gone. Nobody should ever put up with that. Oh heck I am worth it.

Rick Phillips

I am like you, Julie. I am very private about it. I told my friends and family about my diagnoses but was very quick to downplay any seriousness as I pretty much was dealing with my own response the same way…I can handle this, no need to freak out! I know I could count on my husband and a lucky amount of friends, but I’d rather make it less of an issue. My husband was going through a tough time at work, so typical woman, I carried the burden myself, not wanting to worry him. Sheesh. After a year or so, I told him that if it had been him, I’d know everything about diabetes and be a major part of his day-to-day with it. I had to explain what to do in case of a hypo. After that, he calls me 3 times a day to check on me…be careful what you wish for. I can’t blame him…again, typical woman. It probably is the vibe we give off. Understanding diabetes is tough and explaining it is hard and honestly, I don’t want unsolicited advice or judgement unless someone has it themselves.

I am single, but I have several close friends, famnily and church memebers with whom I have never hesistated to inform diabetes and its care( pump, CGMS, and all) I have told all my co-workers and the school nurses at the public schools I work in as a traveling speech pathologist. I am not ashamed of having diabetes and no one has ever tried to diabetes “police” me, after my informative discussions with them.
If at home and not feeling well, I can call friends/family on speed dial to help me, bring prescriptions to me, come over to help treat a low ( very rare occassion, though)… I have one close friend who is diabetic and used to work for ADA, so I discuss a lot of diabetes issues w/him…And I have the wonderful on-line support here at Tudiabetes…so I do not feel alone at all; but I AM pretty extroverted, confident, and never meet a stranger, just my personality type.

God Bless