Whole Foods: Share your diabetes grocery shopping list

If you shop @ Whole Foods, share your diabetes grocery shopping list on this discussion.

I just walked in there after I think about maybe 10 years. They have changed tremendously. Diabetics paradise is what I say. I only went to get some water for me to take to gson’s appt. and ended up seeing alot that I would really enjoy. I’m making plans to go shopping there this Friday. And I’ll fill u in on receipes and good eats and samples I get. This is my homework for Tudiabetes and for the education in Austin.

Cultural Revolution yogurt*
360 Organic frozen Maple Breakfast Links*
Bag of Pecans*
Carton of egg whites
almond-soy mozzerella style cheese
Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk
Firm Tofu
Butternut Squash
360 Organic Light Coconut Milk can*
Large bag frozen corn
Amy’s froz dinner: Brown Rice Tofu bowl
Amy’s spicy chile can
La Croix mineral water
Tofutti Sour Cream
Maranatha natural creamy almond butter
Spectrum organic canola oil*
Hain Carrot chips
1 multigrain roll from the bakery to eat with dinner the night I go grocery shopping :slight_smile:

*I make special trips to Whole Foods for these items

Whole Foods is an occasional indulgence. Mostly I go to get cheese, and the rest is just gravy - whatever I need, is on sale and strikes my fancy

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese
Flax meal
Frozen edamame, shelled
Whatever produce is on sale
Irish oatmeal in fall & winter
Some kind of cold cereal that has flax in it in spring & summer
I always get food from the prepared foods area - soup, sushi, salad, hot foods, baked goods, whatever
Fresh sausage or steaks from the meat counter
Sweet potato chips

oikos plain greek yogurt - i eat 1-2 of these a day
carmen apricot bars
dr mcdougals organic plain oatmeal
fresh peanut butter
string cheese
strawberries and blueberries (i am afraid to even try other fruits)
365 organic unsalted walnuts
silk unsweetened soy milk
clover brand organic half and half for my coffee
roasted chicken and two sides from the hot meal area
macaroni and cheese (i think the fat in this keeps my bs under control)
crystal geyser water (the plastic bottle is BPA free)

kozy shack no sugar added chocolate pudding - cannot get it at Whole Foods though. This stuff has a surprising amount of fiber and also decent amount of protein. it has never affected my sugar.

a very bad food item - kashi cereal. i ate the high fiber version of this and my blood sugar was out of control. i avoid all cold cereal.

Aww, that’s a shame you had trouble with Kashi cold cereal. I get the Go Lean Honey Almond Flax which I love, and eat that in the summer with whatever summer fruits I can get on sale, usually berries or peaches, and milk. It’s one of several different cold cereals I eat during the warmer months. I don’t know why so many people say they can’t control their BG’s with cereal, but maybe I’m just lucky in that regard. Either way, it’s not a bad food! There are no bad foods! There are foods that are harder to cover, but all foods are good :slight_smile:

Sounds like diabetes has made you afraid to enjoy food since you won’t try any other fruits either. I eat everything - ALL the foods I like - and I’ve just learned to cover them accordingly. Diabetes is the absolute last reason any T1 should allow themselves to fore go the pleasure of food.

Whole Foods - I go there mainly for the 1 gm carb, 0 sugar Coconut milk (in 8 oz) by “so Delicious”. I add coffee to the coconut milk in the am, and the coffee is absolutely delicious!