Wal-Mart: share your diabetes grocery shopping list

If you shop @ Wal-Mart, share your diabetes grocery shopping list here.

A few a my favs at Wal-Mart:
Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Yogart
Wal-Mart brand sugar free Maple/Brown Sugar instant oatmeal
Fuze low carb drinks
Aunt Hatties low carb sandwich bread…only 7gms/slice!
Cozy Shack no sugar added tapiocia
Jell-O sugar free pudding…bananna fudge is my fav
you can sure find these at other stores…but as always…Wal-Mart seems to be the cheapest!

I need to look for that Aunt Hatties low carb bread. The one I am using now has 10gms/slice. Is it in the regular bread aisle or the frozen foods? Thanks!

Wal Mart now carries apple cinnamon sugar-free instant oatmeal in addition to the maple brown sugar variety mentioned previously. It’s good!

I recommend the Jello Sugar Free Cinnamon Roll Pudding which I haven’t found in other local stores. I think the key to healthier eating comes from ROTFL… no, not rolling on the floor laughing although that is good exercise, but rather from Reading Of The Food Labels. Remember that portion control is important to weight control and glucose control. Our shopping is done in various stores, not limited to any one special store.

I LOVE the Wonder Light wheat bread. It is 9 grams of carbs & 40 calories a slice. And it is yummy!

Many of the cheap foods are high in starch, often the type of starch which digests about as fast as table sugar and with similar effects on your blood glucose.

I shop Walmart. It is affordable. I stick to the basics veggies, milk, eggs. I shop the boarders of the grocery department. Avoid the center of the grocery area and also the “drop in” freezers. It has a lot of “fast food” groceries.(example: corn dogs)

I had read in some book or story, somewhere that walmart carried too many “inexpensive” fast food products high in fat, high in carbs and everything else that we should not eat. You will notice that that the fast food stuff is less expensive, especially if your trying to feed a family these days. I would suggest staying away from the “fast food” items. If you really want to know what something cost, check out the unit pricing on the label. You may find that it less expensive if you make it yourself compared to prepackaged.

Sometimes the other customers in the store look at me, and I know that they are saying under there breath…"Lady! Quit reading the freaking food lables and get the hell out of my way!

Many of the our TuDiabetes state that they only choose, ORGANIC. How can you be assured that it is truely ORGANIC. There is no control on the processing.

Especially if the packager has to obtain the product from mutiple growers, farmers.

Blue Bunny No Fat, No Sugar Added Brownie Sundae Ice Cream. 90 calories/23 carbs per 1/2 C. serving.

Have to plan ahead to get away with this–a light protein-based snack around 3:00 p.m.; take Glucovance around 6:30; light supper of lean protein and 2 servings of vegetables around 7:00 p.m. (the more fiber, the better–a couple of chicken breast tenderloins and a cup of broccoli, drizzled with a tsp. of olive oil, a little lemon juice and some Cavenders’ No Salt Greek seasoning is ideal) and then about an hour later, the 1/2 C. ice cream. No ‘heat rush’ from a blood sugar spike…

This works bests as long as I drink a quart of water with supper and then stay active and delay bedtime until 10:00 p.m. Sugars will run 10 to 15 points higher than usual in the morning, but I won’t be up and down all night long with spikes and drops (my worst case scenario).

I was there last night and noticed that on some of the shelf tags the ‘unit price’ was missing…it was the same product by the same manufacturer but different sizes–apparently one was a promotional price and the other was ‘regular price’. Bad enough I have to take my reading glasses to the store; now I’ll have to start taking a calculator too! Oh the joys of aging…

Weekly, but some lasts longer than that. This is for my whole family, so don’t think I’m a glutton.

10 lbs chicken breast
3 cans tuna
8 green apples
fresh green beans
3 cans beans (red, kidney, ect)
2 cans baked beans
2 large packets carrots
4 green peppers
1 lb peanut butter
1 loaf Sara Lee 45 calorie multigrain bread
1 box fiber 1 bars
1 tub old fashioned oatmeal
1 gallon flaxseed or lactose free milk
1 bag frozen precooked turkey sausage
2 tubs cottage cheese
2 Bags grapes (green and purple - wife and son)
5 lbs Hamburger
Lots of fresh veggies and squash
red and sweet potatoes (for wifey and son)

With diabetes and my wife’s very strict non-allergenic diet we spent a TON on food. Very little is process and most everything is not cheap. This list does not include my protein shakes, but I buy them from Amazon.com on an every 2-3 months basis so I don’t know if that counts but they are a major part of my diet.

WalMart favorites: Fresh fruits and vegs including gala apples, grapes, green beans, bread, eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nutella (YUM), half and half, real butter, rice cakes and peanut butter, frozen pancakes, walnuts when in season, different pastas with ranch dressing and balsamic vinaigrette, sugar free bomb pops, and as modest as I try to be I will buy BACON everytime!