Whole lotta just ain't right

I know I posted yesterday this feeling of "displacement" I've been having. Continues to get confirmed:

The church I work at was broken into last night. The only room unlocked and accessible was my office. My work computer was stolen along with some meaningless pens, markers and change from my desk. They were kind enough to leave the external back-up drive...which I don't know how to use. I have spent the entire day talking to police, tracking down people who may have been in the building, waiting for locksmiths and trying to figure out how to access this back-up drive. My boss, the pastor, is out of town until the 22nd, so I can use his office and his computer for the next few days.

But like I said yesterday, things have felt unbalanced for about the last month or so. Even more so now. Just how soulless do you have to be to steal from a church? A poor church at that?

So this is what the apocolypse is supposed to be like, eh?