Unemployment .... Again

Ok 7 weeks unemployed for Stephen; then 1 week employed agian by previous company. sigh… Friday of the first week back to work with Union help… He gets notified that a few guys will be laid off on Halloween day. We just cannot afford this.
My bloodsugar numbers are ranging from 108 to 350. I think it is more stress than anything. I went Goodwill shopping for winter coats for the kids today. It took 4 towns in a 75 mile radius to meet the needs. sigh… tired kids tonight.

Meadowlark, that that Vanessa and I will have you and Stephen in our prayers during this stressful time in your lives.

Meadowlark! I have been wondering where you have been. I’m sorry you are going through a stressful time.

ok brag…or not.
I just finished using my first vial of Humalog. It lasted me since January 21,2008.
oh and by the way…more stress…
Social Services called this afternoon. They moved my son 3 hours away from us.
Court date set for Nov 10th 9 am.
We need some miracles and the truth to be shown to the judge. If that happens; my son will come home where he belongs.

Hi MeadowLark, I am new here and up till now I havent met a better bonch of people who really care. I test twice a day I was at 150+ for a long time but with Prayer and the Love of Jesus Christ I have seen my sugar go down to 102-113. I still take my meds twice a day,I try to eat well and get as much exercise as I can, but it is my faith that I think keeps me going. If you dont mind I will join the others in Prayer for you.

I could use all the prayer I can get. By the way, I’m going to meet the court appted atty this morning. court date is Monday. DSS is trying to give my son to my ex who has not paid childsupport in years. Who also caused me to have my neck fused. He was given visitation every other weekend but he never showed up at court and never called to visit or wrote any letters. (My son wants to go live with him now. I do not see this as a good thing.) Michael, my son needs to come home to mom.
I’m still afraid of my ex.
MeadowLark… hanging on to Jesus and my family in God the best I can.

Keep hanging on, meadowlark. You know we are all here…