I haven't been around enough

I haven’t been very active on this site, or any for that matter, as of late. Been traveling here and there, flew to TX and stayed there for about a month then drove to FL just in the last 2 weeks. I’m exhausted…seriously, I’ve been exhausted for a while and not high bs exhausted just flippen working myself into a tizzy tired. (yeah, i say tizzy now ya’ll. blame Texas)
I wake up everyday trying to be positive, helpful, hopeful, and full of love…all that crap. Well today I’ve had it…I say UNCLE! I’m fudging tired and not ashamed to admit it! I recognize that people have it worse than I do, that many lives are much much harder than mine, but for this moment in time I’m having myself a pity party. So there it is…the end. I will now go tuck in my lil siblings and go to bed. I hope that tomorrow is a better day, not just for me but for all of us.
Peace and Mucho Blessings to ALL.

Yep, and it’s stayed that way sadly. certainly messing with my control but i’m trying to find the balance. i’d like to know when tomorrow is coming as well, I am really sick of waiting for it.

haha yeah or madder than a bee in a bonnet! they all tickle me and pretty fun to say!