Who's on drugs (Prescription)

Okay I just thought I would throw this one out there. I have been a little frustrated lately with my list of prescriptions. My co-payments alone are enough to finance a Porsche. LOL Anyhow, my main concern is the longer I am on these pills, will my body build up more of a tolerance for the drugs? It seems that they are starting to run out of drug combinations to give me. Here is my list:

Nifedical XL60 MG (once daily)
Synthroid .125 MG (once daily)
Cozaar 100 MG (once daily)
Atenolol 50 MG (once daily)
Furosemide 80 MG (once daily)
Lipitor 80 MG (once daily)
Pot Chloride 20 MEQ (once daily)
Lisinopril 40 MG (twice daily)
Bupropion SR 150 MG (twice daily)
Fluoxetine 30 MG (once daily)

It’s funny when I see a new doctor “Are you on any prescription drugs
”? AH----YAH let me pull out my roladex.

Seriously, I just want to see how every one else is dealing with there presription list, and if any one knows of any alternatives.

By the way, thanks so much for the warm welcome from everybody. I am glad I found this place.


I have had db for 34 years and I take a handful of pills. My co-payments are $10 for generic and $25 for non generic (of which insulin is)

potassium chloride
and just started on simvistatin

I don’t know how long you’ve been taking atenolol, but, did you ever notice it making you fatigued. I noticed that a couple of times when I forgot my morning meds I had a ton more energy during the day. I mentioned it to the doc and he said that of course, beta blockers have the tendency to make one tired, and atenolol is at the top of the list…duh.

Have you tried the WalMart or Target $4 program for a month’s supply of certain generics. They’ve got quite a list.

Hi Kathy,

You are right about the fatigue. I could sleep 24/7, the beta blocker along with the other blood pressure meds brings my pulse around 55. I am always wondering I’m 36, how many drugs will I be on when I am 40?

Neurontin 1800 mgs (3 times a day)
Toprol XL 50 mgs (1 time)
Elavil 25 mgs (1 time)
Ambien CR 12.5 (1 time)
Lisinopril 25 mgs (1 time)
Cardizem LA 260 (1 time)
Hydrcholoridethiazide 50 mgs (1 time)
Aspirin 81 mgs (1 time)
Combivent inhaler as needed
Singular 25 mgs (1 time)
Nexium 40 mgs (1 time)
Lortab 10 mgs ( 4 times)
Tricor 150 (1 time)
Advair 50/500 (1 time)
Xoponex nebulizer as needed
UroBlue 4 times a day
Lidoderm patches as needed

I make mine in an excel format and then when i go to the Dr for checkups I just print it out and take it with me and hand it to them. It is easy to update. I also keep a list on my phone as well in case I forget to make a print out of them. To remember to take them I use a pill box. As for age I am 31 and take all that. Until my body got adjusted to the meds I was exhausted on the beta blockers. Especially when my doctor decided to up the beta blockers to 200 mgs and then it started to set off bronchial spasms so we had to drop the dose back down. Another thing I just learned today is that some local ansethetics will interact with the beta blockers and can cause you to stroke out so check with your doctor on that one if you are going to have any dental work done. Thankfully the Toprol XL is not on that list.

I’m on a bunch too:

Toprol XL

I have the same thoughts about being 35 and having the medicine cabinet of a 70 year old. I’m grateful to have them all though if they’re either going to make me more comfortable now (like feeling less depressed) or they’re going to preserve my organs and systems so I can live longer (like taking some pressure off my kidneys). I’m supposed to take some OTC pills too (multi-vit, calcium, cranberry supplement…), but I’ve gotten lazy with them.

As far as building a tolerance, I’ve never heard of that happening with any of those meds because they’re not addictive by nature (the ones I recognize anyway). People can have problems with psych meds losing effectiveness, and either needing to increase the dosage, or more likely switching to a different one. I’ve been through that, but Wellbutrin has been a miracle for me (my depression is debilitating when it’s untreated), and I’ve been on it for 12 years. Before that, I was on SSRI’s, and switching back and forth every year or two.

The copays are another story, but I take generics so there’s not much more I can do to control it. That’s just one of the aspects of 'betes that isn’t fair.

So far I only take 5mg of zocor for my cholestorol, but I also take 5 vitamins every day also. I am a 27 year old with a pill box just like my 81 year old grandmothers! Talk about pathetic. :slight_smile:

Helllo Lee Ann,

The depression thing really sucks. I have been on depression meds, ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes. (I was a healthy 16yr old before then.) I find the depression meds seem to work but they also contribute to the fatigue. You would think after 20 years I would accept the diabetes, but I hate it.

Hi Cody,

Thanks for the advice on the excel sheet. (I will be trying that out).reading all these replys helps me keep things in prespective.

Easier than carrying in a bagful of medications every time you have to go to a new doctor. LOL

Thanks for the reply Cara

I have to ask you, where did you get that hat. LOL (thats cute)

I take a few but some are not “prescriptions” but are still prescribed by my dr’s.
Atacand HCT
Ortho tricyclen
Alavert or Claritin D or Zyxal for allergies
Aleeve for back & ear pain
Vitamins when I remember

LOL that was one of my cat’s I rescued when he was just a little guy, he wasn’t even 6 weeks old, was severley malnourished and I had to bottle feed him, that was his favorite sleeping spot believe it or not. LOL

I have a history of clinical depression on my mother’s side of the family. Some of her older relatives had to have electroconvulsive (shock) treatments.
I feel that I really have to work on my attitude, but the citalopram really takes the edge off. It caused me not to sleep so then I had to start taking the temazepam for sleep.
Better living through chemistry…

Hi Kathy,

There is also a history of clinical depression on my Dads side of the family. I feel the diabetes just adds fuel to the fire. My moods are very erratic, I feel sorry for my wife because I am not easy to live with.
They should have a forum or a thread for our spouses, to chat about living with a diabetic.
Allot of the time I am mad, depressed, angry and I feel sorry for myself. When in fact the person I should be feeling sorry for is my spouse. (Just my thoughts) sorry for getting on a tangent I will save this one for another discussion.


I take 1500mg Kepra (twice daily)

and now i’m currently on antibiotics- 250mg Erythromycin (four times daily) but thats just til i’m all better =(

I am on a few, not as many as most here, I was just dx in january, I take:
Darvocet - for pain
tramadol-to boost the darvocet and to sleep
simvastatin-just started
plus the insulin lantus and novolog
i will probably end up with an anti-depressant too since that is getting bad again, probably due to the d. They can’t give me anything for inflammation, it was what caused my D.
But i agree that hating D is part of the whole thing. Then all the other problems that come with it don’t help.
i know what you mean about the new doctor thing, with me it is, are you sure that anti-inflammatory drugs caused your Diabetes? When I was told that by my endo. Really I have never heard that, gee try reading the literature on the drugs…lol.They seem to want you to do their work for them. hehehe

I think society has become way too comfortable with pills. It seems there is a pill for this and a pill for that. They are getting kids started on pills for ADD or whatever new thing they come up with. It’s just crazy.