Why cant i be bothered anymore?

i know its bad, and i know im going to regret it, but my diabetes control is shocking!
I rarley check my levels, and when i do there Always High! and i mean 20mml >
its shocking,
i rarley even take my insulin anymore,

You have made an important step. Just stepping up and saying this is really going to help. I’m sure that there are lots of people here who can provide you with an understanding and helpful community, but in the end, you will have to help yourself.

You need to talk to somebody about this. You know that high blood sugars harm you. You know how to take better care of yourself. You know you should be taking your insulin.

Please, turn your life around. Think about things. Find a friend, a counselor or someone that you can talk to about this.

All of this is in your head. There is nothing wrong with you that you can’t fix by just getting your head on straight.

I’m rooting for you. Just stepping up and telling us what you are going through is a very brave first step.


Oh Sweetie…I agree with bsc. You have taken the first step, now the other steps will follow. You are so young and have a wonderful life ahead of you, please take care of yourself because the future is going to be so worth it. Love, laughter, happiness can outweigh the testing, injections and ups and downs of diabetes. I have faith in you.

Hey Kelly,

I know diabetes takes up a lot of time but please do try your best because being 20mml`s can not be fun at all I know when I used to be running that high I was feeling like rubbish.
Its hard but take small steps to at least take your insulin because without that you will be high a lot and I dont think you need me to tell you about the things that can happen because of that.Not sure if you have had ketons and been in hospital because of them that was my worst nightmare honestly never have I ever felt so ill and it was not my fault at all had an infection so dont want anything like that happening to you or even later in the life things happening so now is the time to make them changes.

If you need encouragement,friendship,support,ideas or even a rant or moan do let me know and I can share all my little tricks with you they might not work but giving it a try might help I guess.
Your young and beautiful and diabetes should not stop you from leading a normal life you just have to give it a little part of your life.

Thankyou guys… its been so damn tough lately.
and i appreciate your support xx

Dear Kelly,
Congratulations on writing this down. You’re really, deep down, wanting to do the things needed. I often say I have 2 Ds, diabetes and denial. As long as nothing goes wrong I can stay in denial.
It looks like you’re emerging from one of the denial pits!
Sometimes I set my wrist alarm clock, sometimes my multiple alarms on the computer. Sometimes I write down a whole bunch of things I can do to vary how I can control the one D and make it impossible to stay in the other D.
I get bored with same old. So I have to put fires under me. Enjoy the fires! We’re all humans.
Did you stop the pump?