Why do they try to kill me!

Just got back from a 2 day business trip to New Mexico - and on two occasions waiter people gave me regular soda’s instead of diet. Most times I can tell right away, but lately depending on the fountain mix it’s not as easy. Was dealing with a sugar level over 500 in a lonely hotel room for 4 hours, was not fun. I am very very explicit about my drink orders - this seems to be happening more and more often. Sometimes I think these folks just don’t care!!

You can use a test strip (that you test BS on) just put a drop as you would blood and it will read “lo” if diet ahd 'hi" if regular. I know how you feel, happens wayyyyyyyyyyy too often.

When I worry this might happen and I can’t take a chance… I just order water… better alternative anyway.

My exact words when I was first diagnosed and confined for 3 days with diabetes. The hospital I was confined to was giving me (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) 500 ml of bottled orange juice drink with 35 grams of sugar each,
I do have experienced “mix-up” too many times that it made me paranoid with soda fountain dispensers and service personnels that are also not paying attention.(believe me, there are some…Im in the restaurant business) Most of the time…if not just plain water and if I have the option, I insist on canned drinks.

Yeah, Dunkin Donuts has tried to kill me on several occasions. I have resorted to making sure I ask when my coffee is handed to me if “it has equal because I have diabetes and don’t want to die”. Normally though I just ask for it on the side and order with no sugar. I never order it with splenda because it sounds like sugar when they hear it through the speaker. Some people just think we are being pains in the cou, Jeezz, don’t we all wish that were ture?

Most people don’t get it, unfortunately. Another reason I no longer order sodas, only tea. At least then you get unsweetened, unless you’re in the south, and they actually ask if you want the sweet tea. One sip of sweet tea will put me in a coma immediately.

A person at McDonalds actually asked me one day what the big deal was about having regular instead of diet. I informed him of my diabetes, he had no idea what it was. I was floored. The deer in headlights look was quiate attractive on him.