Emphasis on the “Die”.
One of my co-workers down the hall in the ISD (super tech) department didn’t know I was diabetic until friday.
I actually found our whole coversation humerous because I was in a laid back mood.

His name is Davis and we joke around alot. I’m always picking on him because he likes Sponge Bob.
Here are some actual quotes from our convo:
“I didn’t know you were diabetic. Wow. The things we take for granted”(picture his dumb founded pity look here)

“Yep. But I have to say I love my pancreous on a string.” …

“My foster mom had diabetes. She had to do shots and she had her leg amputated.” (He’s in his late 40’s so I’m assuming his foster mom had diabetes before glucose meters were popular.)

“Your foster mom must have had diabetes before they had glucose meters. She probably had to pee on a strip to check her sugars. She probably had type II”

“Which one is worse?” (I love that question!)

Well, they both suck. Type 1 like me, our pancreus crapped out and is no longer producing any insulin what so ever which is why I have to inject it. Type II, your body still makes insulin, it just doesn’t use it right anymore so people can control it a lot with diet, exercise and pills."

“Wow. DIE-a-Bet-es”
"You know Davis, your making it out like I have some terminal illness and I’m about to keel over and die in your cubical. Don’t worry. I take care of myself so I’m not gonna die on you. I’ll just stand here and breath down your neck until you catch it. (picture me inching just a bit closer and doing some heavy exhales) Just kidding. But if I do pass out on you, feel free to drag me down to my side of the building. They know what to do when my sugar drops. In fact, you could just steal someone’s chair, put me in it then give me a good push. Then when the EMT’s start asking questions you can tell them. “Oh, she wasn’t feeling well so she sat down and rolled herself down the hall”

We both laughed and he apologized for making it sound like I’d just been diagnosed with Ebola or SARS.
So that’s my husband’s and my new saying for interesting diabetes moments. “Wow. DIE-A-Betes!”

LIke I said. If I wasn’t in a jovial mood on friday this whole exchange might have made me cry.
Ignorance is evil.

Well I’m going to go check my blood sugar before I go to bed and stave off death and amputation for one more day.

Jimmy Kimmel doing Karl Malone on The Man Show:

“Today Karl Malone talking about health. Karl Malone healthy as horse but everybody not so lucky. All kinds of Americans infected by diabetes. Diabetes infect young, old, women, men, and here Karl Malone’s whole thing. Why they call it diabetes? They get people all riled up. That’s why Karl Malone say change name diabetes to livebetes. That way, people won’t go walking around saying “oh no, I’m gonna diabetes.” Instead, they saying, “look out world, livebetes coming through.” That’s called positivity thinking right there, and that’s kinda thing keep Karl Malone on top. Remember now, you too can prevent forest fire. Until next time, this here Karl Malone.”

Is this from his show or are you just imitating it?

Its a transcript I found from “The Man Show” that he used to do with Adam Corolla a few years back. Jimmy used to do a Karl Malone impression that was hilarious, and I remembered this clip. I laughed my butt off with my friends when in played.

I can’t find the “livebetes” clip on You Tube, but I think reading it is funny too.