Why is A1C now private?

Until recently (I’m not sure when) if we entered our latest A1C it was displayed as part of our profile. Now there’s a lock icon next to it indicating it’s private and not visible to people. Entering our A1C was always optional, and I’m a little disappointed that it’s no longer visible. After working extremely hard to achieve a good A1C, I enjoyed putting mine up for all to see.

I’d prefer if it were restored to the way it was (optional) and anyone could see it if a person chose to enter it. I don’t know why anyone would enter the information it if they didn’t want it displayed (just like entering where you live is optional and would only be entered if you wanted others to know). Or why tudiabetes would ask for it, if not to display?

I agree

I agree with you Ken…

Huh, hadn’t notice that but I’m with you!


Yeah, I was just about to say the same thing.

I received a message within the last 2 weeks, something about “new profile questions” but I didn’t see any. Maybe this was the change? I like sharing mine also. Give people the option to keep if private, but also to share.

I agree with everybody here. I love it when ppl tell theirs it helps me try to keep mine down and in the race with everybody else!

Adding my two cents in. I like sharing mine too.

So… we should SOS manny! :slight_smile:

Absolutely, before I started seeing the A1C’s people on here could achieve, I thought my previous 7’s (which my Doctor said was good) were great. But as I started seeing other people on here getting much better, it greatly encouraged me to try to improve mine (I think I’ll be joining the 5-club next time). It was also helpful when I’d try to answer other peoples questions (someone struggling with a 8+ A1C probably requires a more thorough response than someone getting a 6).

The reason for this change had to do with the fact that there were comments made in a topic a few days ago where one of the arguments made had to do with the other member’s BG control or lackthereof. But I can see now how hiding the answer doesn’t solve the problem, really: it makes the experience for the rest of the members less than what you guys want it to be.

So, in sum, the A1C data is now visible again and the question has been made optional so anyone not wanting their A1C to display can easily do so by clearing their answer.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! :slight_smile: