Why would Edgepark ask for my labs?

So last night after 8 pm I get a call from Edgepark asking me to fax in my lab results for the last 12 month in order to send out a new G5 receiver to replace mine that just went out of warranty. I cannot understand why Edgepark who is nothing more than a supplier needs this information? My Insurance Company already has all of my results. When I asked why they needed it, she replied in what she thinks is English “Edgepark cannot send replacement until we have logs, but I can send you new G6 instead”. Every time I have to call there for supplies, I get literally forced into going to the G6, and now this. I refused to send them anything directly and they cancelled the new G5 receiver on me! I don’t use it anyways, but if XDrip ever stops working on me, I will have to because Dexcom abandoned the G5 app for all newer phones.

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Wut??? HIPAA violation much? IANAL, but I use Edgepark for pump supplies and I’d certainly view it in that light if they came to me with something like this. Edgepark is simply a DME fulfillment company and has no business acting as any kind of conduit or handler of my private medical information. If the insurer needs these records to authorize payment, then its the insurer’s place to request the ok from your physician—and probably just the ok, not the records themselves. (At least that’s the basis for doing a prior authorization—I’m in the middle of one of those for pump supplies, and my insurer said they could act on a verbal confirmation by phone with my endo.)

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All the companies that I use for diabetes supplies are required to have lab work Etc . I am on medicare and that is their rule


I think as far as Medicare is concerned, I think their requirement for labs, even a re-confirmation of T1 D is due to people being fraudulent. Perhaps getting D stuff via medicare, and then selling it. It isn’t unusual for people to continue to collect a deceased relative’s social security… ANd to a large extent it is like our having to “prove” we have T1D when we have to switch to another health plan company. It’s as though a physician from another area, or different network got it wrong!!!

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Or that we will magically not have it anymore.

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As far as Edgepark, they often seem to have no consistent idea what is going on, and it wouldn’t surprise me that they don’t need labs at all, but someone seems to think they do for whatever reason.

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but someone seems to think they do for whatever reason.

Something related to the meddlesome FDA?

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I contacted BC/BS as well as Dexcom, and I am no longer using Edge Park as my DME supplier. I recorded the call, which was from Edge Park Offshore, and my insurance asked me to send it in for them to listen to it so that they could both verify it as well as take action to prevent it from happening again. So long Edge Park.


Although I don’t like Edgepark, I must say that I absolutely understand their need for this info. They are required to submit it to your insurance company in order for coverage to apply. The insurance companies, sadly, are not going to spend the time trying to match up info from a doctor to bills submitted from a supplier - they need them both to come in at the same time.

Wow, thats odd and interesting. Let us know if they ever get back to you about this situation. Odd.