Wii Sport!

My family broke down and purchased a Wii Sport console and sport games this past weekend! At first I’m thinking “another one of my husband’s toys!”, but after I played a game of boxing - I changed my mind really quick. It is awesome. I boxed against my husband and I laughed so hard it hurt! We boxed three rounds and when it was over, he was victorious, but we were both on the floor - breathing heavy, and laughing so hard. If you don’t have one of these - GO BUY ONE! It was a workout and I still have sore muscles. A sign that we are both out of shape, but hopefully not for too long. What a great way for the kids (especially Olivia) to get some exercise. We don’t spend a lot of time inside the house, but it has been raining for it feels like two weeks now - so it’s fun to play the Wii on such crappy days.

we’ve had ours for 2 months now and LOVE it! i just got the Wii Fit yesterday, and it’s already kicking my butt!

YEAH!!! You’ve gotta join the “Wii Have Diabetes” group! So much fun.

here’s the link!

Thanks landileigh. I am way too lame to figure out how to link to it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!