I love sports!

…And I’ve never ever thought that one day I would say this!
I was a sports hater for years, but now I’ve learnt to apreciate it step by step…
And I am very happy for that. Even if it doen’t always improve my BS, it makes me feel my body is alive, so I can trust it again…
Our trainer at AquaGym said when I told him I have diabetes: "You know your body best!"
Yes, it’s my body. And I wanna teke care and treat my body right.

yep it’s great for controlling sugars, you weight, relieving stress and is much cheaper than therapy. keep having fun

Love sports too! Doesn’t really feel like I’m exercising since it is a lot of fun. Done running, volleyball and tennis. Now I’m trying to please my husband by chasing a little white ball around a course! LOL
Way to go Astrid!