Will Medicare "B" pay for supplies?

I don’t qualify for Medicare to buy a pump for me, but if I take a loan, I could buy one, it appears that the Animus Ping which retails for about $6,900. can be purchased from one of their distributors for $4,200 (for those that have no insurance).

My question is, if I buy the Animus Ping, and my Endo gives me a prescription for the supplies, will Medicare pay for the ongoing supplies? I receive my Insulin from the VA so that isn’t the issue.

Thanks for any information,

Estel J Hines

I’m just curious Estel, won’t the VA just give you a pump? They did me and many other vets I know.

No, I don’t qualify, my primary care doctor says the VA doesn’t approve them in Indiana.When I tried thro Medicare my c-peptide results were 1.1 and Medicare wants you to be below .90

That is just too weird. If the VA will give them out in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and I’m sure several other states, why not Indiana. I would be “complaining” loudly to someone. A Veterans organization, my congressman, someone. The Veterans Admin. is to be the same ALL OVER. They will give you a ton of syringes over the years, but not a pump. Yep, that makes no sense.
I’m a vet and I get just about anything I need, so I am speaking from years of experience.(unfortunately)
Ironically, I got my first insulin pump at Hines VA hospital.(Chicago area)

If you have been denied for your insulin pump they will not pay for the supplies that go along with the pump. If you have a secondary other then the VA perhaps you can petition it. I had to go to my secondary to fight for my pump and they now pay for the pump and the supplies… I still get my insulin from medicare, but everything else is on my HMO…Try to talk to your physician about a pump… perhaps he feels that your numbers are not strong enough to justify having a pump since you may not have to inject insulin more then once or twcie a day… where as the pump gives you insulin all day long which you may not need. Good luck!

I know this is a few years late, I was told my a DR I had at the VA that the VA does not use pumps at all. When I got a new Dr he all but screamed, why wasn’t I on a pump. I said because the VA won’t give me one. He said he’d take care of it. Well 6 months go by and not a word. After reading the forums here I decided to contact my State reps and congressmen. This was 3 days ago. Today I got a call the my pump had been ordered and that on my next appt they would get me started on it. So call, email, write, whatever it takes to contact you elected officials. They are a great asset and most go out of their way to help a Vet.

Update from Estel Hines 4/13/11

So much has happened in the meantime. I purchased the Dexcom 7 + out of pocket and began watching my BG closely, I took about 8-10 shots per day to control as best I could. about 6 months later, my next c-peptide test resulted in a .4, and medicare approved an insulin pump right away, I have been on the Animas Ping since that time, and it sure has made a great improvement. Sadly, they don’t support CGM and I can not afford the out of pocket sensors for my Dexcom, so it has gone by the way side, but the pump has helped a great deal.

The VA in Indiana does provide pump and supplies. You just need to have your primary care provider send you to see an Endocrinologist