Will Novolin Penfills fit in a Lilly Luxura HD Pen?

I’m trying to experiment with using refillable pens rather than syringes to cut down on waste, and I managed to get my hands on some Novolin R penfills (as I mainly use R for bolus). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find NovoEcho Pens anywhere, and settled with buying Lilly Luxura HD Pens instead because I could find them at an affordable price.

Question now is, will the penfills I have work in this pen? Or are they just too different? Does anybody else have any experience with this? I’d love to know if I can and, if not, if there’s a way to make them fit.

They are different… I bought a novopen4 from Canada…FdA said it wasn’t different enough so in the us only the novopen echo is available, but I enjoyed knowing if I only had 20 units left, or 3 units left, and the novopen4 will stop at 60 units, where the echo is only 30. The echo plus or novo pen 5 could probably purchase from Canada, but it might take a little while to find and receive. The novopen cartridges are a little skinnier and have the pen needle threads on every one

Also, some people claim you can take the tip off the novopen cartridge, and you can, but the width of the cartridges are different, plus the novopen 5 is better than the luxura HD…it’ll at least tell you how many units you have left

The Echo Plus (and NovoPen 6) are not out yet. They will have Bluetooth connectivity when they do come out.

NovoPen 5 and Echo are out, and NovoPen 4 is probably still available. Having said that, I’ve never bought one, and I don’t think pharmacies carry them. I’ve always gotten them for free through my endocrinologist or by calling the insulin manufacturer directly.

In the us, the disposable pens are pushed…we have access to luxurahd(max 30 units), auto pen 42 units max, and novopen echo 30 units max…the novopen 4,5, and soon 6 we have to buy from Canada…