Novolog Flexpen Problem

I started using the Novolog Flexpen again when i want a break from the Pump. I Used the Flexpen before and never had any injection problems, but the Flexpen I am getting now is bad news. The injection button works about half of the time. I can’t even get a so called 2 unit prime before my regular injection. I was told that there may be another Novolog pen that is better. I saw several pens on Nordisk website, but not sure which one is the best. Help, Help, place.

How often are you changing the needles? They get clogged up after a while, and that can prevent insulin from coming out.

Not sure if that is the problem you are having, but if you have not changed the needle recently, try that.

Eric2, it happen with new or old needle. I read somewhere on the Forum that Novolog had another pen that works better. I am trying to nail down another pen to try, thanks

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To my knowledge Novolog Flexpen is their only “disposable” pen. They have a “non-disposable” pen called the Novopen Echo. This pen is one where you load cartridges of insulin into the pen. The Novopen Echo has the ability to do half unit dosing. Also it can tell you when you last took insulin and what dose it was.
Regardless, I would still call Novo and report your issues. They will probably give you stuff to mail the pen back to them so that they can investigate the problem. They will also probably give you pen(s) to replace the ones that haven’t worked.

I like the Owen Mumford auto pen, but you have to use cartridges and 1 unit increments max out at 22 units, or 2 unit increments max at 42 units… not sure how much you bolus, other than that one, you’d have to look for the echo, novopen 4 or 5 but you’d have to buy it from Canada…I’d avoid the in pen…worst purchase and insulin pen imaginable… I’d order the cartridges now though…

I use very little insulin so with my pen I use a syringe and then I get the amount I need. This may be an idea for you to consider.

Agreed, sounds like a faulty pen. I’ve used many dozens and never had a problem

I have had this problem with several of the pens. May have been a bad batch. I thought I saw a novo pen called Touchpen on there website. Anybody know anythings about this pen.