NovoPen Echo and BD Needles?

Hello, I just received a Novopen Echo with cartridges for my backup pen in case of pump failure. My old Lilly Miller pen used the BD ultra fine pen needles just fine, and I have a ton of them. Does anyone have any experience using the BD needles with the Echo Pen? The literature says to use Novo Needles, but I can’t imagine that they would make this pen proprietary to just those needles. I’ll only be using this as a backup, and I hate to open an insulin cartridge just to test the needle.

thank you !


Cartridges have a threaded end, so any needle with a thread will fit, I think. Here is a link for compatibility from BD website, it shows it will fit any Novo pen that uses PenFills 3ml cartridges.

BD needles work great, I use them with my Echo and actually prefer them to the Novo needles!

I use an Echo with BD needles all the time. No issues.

Thank you so much for your answer!

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Thank you very much for the info, and for the link!