Will this damage my meter

I am getting frustrated that there are NO cases that fit my Contour Next and USB Next. So I was wondering if I could take a magenet and stick it on the back of my meter, and then glue another magnet to the meter case, and have the meter held in place by the megnet alone (so I could use basically any case, just cut the elastic/plastic bit off that's meant to hold another meter).

I'm wondering, though, if doing this will damage the meter or its screen in some way?

I would call Bayer and ask them. There should be an 800 number on the back of your meter. I know magnets cause trouble with many electronics so I'd ask the manufacturer to be sure.

Hmm, Velcro is a good idea! I have some, too. Not as cool as a magent, but probably better for my meter. :) Thanks!

Would go with Velcro, you can find Velcro dots in the craft storage that should work for what you want. Something like this.


I was also wondering about that mouldable plastic stuff, InstaMorph, to make a mould that would hold the meter. But I'm not sure how I'd attach it to the case. I would love to make my own case (and test strip containers) from scratch. Heck, I'd love to make my own METER from scratch so that I could put in exactly the features I want! LOL.

Sarah from Sugabetic has a blogpost about a clip called the Hip Clip that she bought for her Tandem pump and maybe that would work for you. In the comments to the post there is a link to Amazon for the clip.


Thanks so much for the Velcro suggestions! Here's my handiwork:

It's not industrial-strength Velcro, but it still sticks well enough that it's in no danger of falling out unless it was really pulled hard. The only thing I don't like is that, as you can see, cutting the plastic and elastic bit out of the case created two slits that I don't know what to do about (I can't sew...). It was sewn/glued in so well that I couldn't just cut the threads out. But even with its flaws, I like it much better than trying to fit the meter into a case that wasn't meant for it (I have no idea which meter this case is for, but it's an Accu-Chek one). Also, the strip container is a OneTouch one because it's way smaller than the Contour Next strip containers. No idea if I can continue to use the container past its expiry date, or whether I should even be usign one type of strip container for a different kind of strips...

3M "command" velcro strips: sticky on one side, velcro on the other, easy to cut to size... I use them on EVEYRTHING, including my glucometers. : )


The stuff I used was a similar idea - sticky on one side and Velcro on another - though I think I got them from the dollar store. I'll look for the 3M stuff, it would probably stick a lot better.

If you're loosing the meter from its "secured spot" in the case you can always get a small bright colored fanny pack to put the whole thing in?!

Love to hear a definitive answer to your first question though. I'm doubting any OTC store bought tiny magnet would have much effect if any through the plastic casing most meters possess. Its a good question though.