Case for Bayer Contour next link case

I use a Bayer Contour Next Link meter. I love the meter but hate the case. I do not need or want a cooled case or anything like that, just a case. I have the replacement case from Bayer and still hate it. here are some pictures of what I have. Has anyone found a better case? i need to put the meter, strips and small flashlight for testing in the dark. I woudl liek to put in some lancing drums, I use a Roche Multiclix. Any ideas?

Original Case

Replacement Case from Bayer

As you can see Bayer improved how the meter is secured in the case, but it is the same size. frankly wiht those items in it I can barely get it zipped. Yes I am a male, so a Paisley, or Flower design just drives me almost sane. Stop the the march toward sanity help me find a replacement................rick

I never use the provided cases. I usually go to the camera case section at Target or best buy and use something more to my liking.

Rick, I may be able to help you. last year Pup sent me a leather case because she thought I should be more stylish with my case. It's solid brown leather. It turned out to not really fit my needs but I'd be glad to send it to you. Besides, then you'd have something of hers! send me your address in an email, I don't think I have it.

OMG....I use the same meter and hate the case. The big container the test strips come in do not fit well in this flimsy, cheap case....It is horrible.
I would love to find another case also.

I'm not sure what you want but have a look at Xpress wallet by MYABETIQUE. ?? I have 2 of their products and am very happy with them.
jen used velcro for an alternative meter case. might help

Thank you Mari. I went with the love bug for my diabetic suplies. I beleive everyone will be floored by my outstanding choice. :slight_smile: No i have nto lost my mind, I am teasing. Actually the banting looks like a nice item…rick