Contour NEXT USB (Link Meter) pouch

I just started using the Contour Next USB meter that came with the new Minimed Revel pump (US). The meter bag that it came with is a horrible crime against nature - it does not zip easily, things do not fit in very well, and it is not easy to slide things in and out (I do not understand why the loops are sewn the way they are.) Does anyone have recommendations for simple modifications, or a similar pouch that i can easily modify? (I like my freestyle lite pouch, but it isn't long enough for the meter)

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful!

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I’ve found what works for me is that I put the meter in its slot closes to zipper and then the pricker(what I call it) long ways next to the meter. I don’t actually use the straps, but it works for me zip wise.

Hope this helps

I use a small camera bag instead.

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Geez! My brother and I were both having the same problem. I think they misjudged the measurements when they made these bags. Frustrating! I use the same method that Jae uses, but a camera bag sounds logical too.

Oh my goodness! I just got mine this week and was going to comment on the very SAME thing. I even tried searching the Bayer website to see if their was a “fancier” case I could buy off their website. I just have all my stuff in a little zipper bag. It feels so weird. I’ve had two previous meters from different companies but the cases aren’t compatible. I’m used to having everything strapped down so it’s very annoying. Just hoping I get used to having my stuff all loosely goosey. I think we all need to write Bayer and tell them their case measurements are off.

I had the same problem and actually called Bayer. They were clueless and not very helpful. I'm using the pouch from my OneTouch Ultra Link. Not real satisfied with the Contour, but I guess I'll have to adapt.

What a daughter was complaining about this pouch (and meter pouches in general)this morning...why don't they make them big enough to actually hold strips/lancet and meter and still close?

I agree with you completely! Back in November, I wrote a blog post about my disappointments with this meter (, and most of them revolved around the case. I've since replaced the included lancer with a OneTouch Delica, which uses a "trigger" than a pull-the-halves-apart approach and it works a little better.

Overall, though, it is a good meter, but there is certainly room for improvement with the case.

I used the lancing device that came with the meter for three days and am back to my very first one the Accucheck multiclick. Love that thing. It took my zipper bag full of lancets exploding all over the place and me on my hands and knees quickly trying to pick them up before one of my kids found them. Still hoping I got them all. Why don't all lancet devices go to the drum thing that the multiclick has? It's genius!!!!

It is funny how people become attached to lancing devices. My daughter loves the Bayer ones and hates Delica. Glad there are choices!

And I thought it was just me that hates that pouch. Thanks Kalobe for the camera bag idea, I'm a going shopping folks

the Freestyle Lite meter bag works beautifully for the meter it was designed for. Small, but enough space to zip easily, space for a small handful of lancets, plus a velcro-close "pouch" on the outside that is the perfect size to carry a credit card/driver license/business cards/trifolded $20/etc.

I actually had this idea this morning when i saw a small camera bag on sale at Newegg for $2.88. (The only problem with this one is that it will not fit into my pocket, at almost 2" thick)

I found out that the OneTouch UltraMini is about the same size, and the Contour USB fits nicely into the rubber clip/bracket thing that holds the meter into the case. I'm thinking about cutting one out of an old OneTouch case and using that in my case design.

I just started using my new Minimed Revel pump (US) this morning and have been cursing the meter bag all day!
The first thing I did was switch out the over-sized white test strips container for the smaller black One Touch Ultra 2 container that I have been using for years (so I can actually close the pouch now!) and I have already gone back to the OneTouch Delica lancets as well.

I really got used to my One Touch Ultra 2 pouch, and always used the pocket on the outside to fit my iPod (which I use as my 2-hour post-meal timer)

I thought the same thing when I got mine… The bag was so tight I thought I would break the zipper… And nothing went in and out well at all.

Now 3mos later, it is awesome and I love it. It took over a month to “break it in” though, but now, it is very good…

I'm very new to my Revel pump but I also HATE the contour next link case. I got a advertisement to register my meter for the warranty and they "upgraded" me to a new case. It hasn't arrived yet, so it remains to be seen if it's actually better or not. I'll let you know!

Matt7571, thanks for the info about breaking in the case. That's good to know!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with complaints about the Contour case.

I've spent an hour setting up the case for my new Contour meter and really dislike it. I like the smaller meter but accessing the contents of the case is clumsy and no room for a few tiny items that make life easier like a small pill case or a belt loop. Maybe it will grow on me.

In the grand scheme of life problems this is really small potatoes, but glad to see others have voiced similar concerns. I did compare a reading on the Contour at 135 and then on my One Touch and got 154. Will continue to compare the numbers. Has anyone else compared their readings on their old and new meters?

I replaced the container for the strips with one that the Ultra strips came in. Just peel off the label. It is smaller and everything seems to fit better.

I'm getting my meter like that tomorrow. I won't be using it past using the sample strips cause my insurance doesn't cover them but for me I don't use the cases the meter comes with. I use a small Vera Bradley cosmetic case and can fit all the diabetes supplies I carry in it :)