Win A Free Diabetic CookBook!

How would you like to receive a diabetic cookbook absolutely FREE from me?

Well it’s quite easy to do that by joining the Diabetic Cookbook Blog.

Once a month, a drawing is held for a FREE DIABETIC COOKBOOK from the Editor of the Diabetic Cookbook Blog. (That’s me, in case you didn’t know.) Then on the third of every month, the drawing is closed for a few hours in order to draw a name. When it is drawn, that person is notified by email that they have won. Then contact and story information is obtained for the Diabetic Cookbook Blog and to send the cookbook straight from to the winner. I can even ship it overseas…which is great for our TUdiabetes community members.

So far we have had two winners. In the month of June our winner was Lindsey O’Rourke and you can read about it here. Just this month our winner was David San Miguel, his winning story can be seen here.

All you have to do to enter the drawing is go to the Diabetic Cookbook Blog. When you get there, just wait a few moments for the monthly drawing window to open. Once it does you can enter your name and email and click on the button that says, “Enter Me In The Drawing Now!” for the FREE monthly Diabetic Cookbook. That’s It!

Remember that it is held once a month, so if you don’t win next month in August, there is always the following month to win. And let me allow you in on two BIG SECRETS about the drawing. First of all you can only win once. When you do win, you can’t be drawn again until the following year and we just started the monthly drawings in June. Also…and this is the BIGGEST SECRET…the list is very small right now. Which means if you get in on it now, the better chance of you winning the Diabetic Cookbook.


I hope that you will win!

Diabetically Yours,